Maxi operation by the Vicenza financial police: investigations also in Milan

The financiers of the provincial command of Vicenza carried out a provision issued by the investigating judge, at the request of the public prosecutor’s office, subjecting financial assets, properties and cars to a preventive seizure for a total value of over 3.8 million euros against six companies in respect of economic sectors of private security, business consultancy, engineering design, wholesale trade of sporting goods, retail trade of perfumes, business rental and 13 natural persons, respectively with offices and residences in the provinces of Vicenza , Milan, Naples, Bergamo, Brescia, Crema and Como.

The operation was carried out by the soldiers of the Vicenza Economic-Financial Police Unit, in collaboration with the financiers of the judicial police section at the Vicenza Public Prosecutor’s Office. The real precautionary measures, the financiers explain, follow similar measures “already carried out by the Vicenza financiers in the first months of the year against three subjects and two companies, which had promoted a tax fraud mechanism carried out through the illegal use of a company in Lonigo (Vicenza), in fact non-operational, without accounting and without an effective place of business, since it is domiciled in a consulting firm and which, in practice, had never carried out relevant transactions for VAT purposes and for the purposes of direct taxes”.

According to the financiers, the “recipients of the ablation measure carried out in recent months had, in essence, organized a fraudulent system aimed at allowing third parties to unduly compensate tax debts through the transfer of tax credits, actually non-existent, fictitiously claimed by the company based in the Lonigo district (Vicenza) “.

At the time, seals had been affixed to current accounts and prestigious cars for an amount exceeding 700 thousand euros, equal to the amounts unduly compensated for tax debts attributable to the same original investigated companies and to the illegal gains deriving from the sale of fictitious credits to third parties. The investigations revealed “the corporate and entrepreneurial realities, actually existing and operational, which benefited – by signing a false tax consultancy contract as a fictitious service provided by the Vicenza company – from fictitious tax credits used to offset their large tax debts. In the course of the investigative investigations it was found that the beneficiaries of the false compensation paid in favor of the Vicenza company sums equal to 1.9% of the fictitious tax credits used in compensation “.

The parties involved must now answer for the crime of ‘undue compensation’. The investigative reconstruction carried out by the soldiers of the financial police, under the coordination of the Vicenza Public Prosecutor’s Office, was accepted by the investigating judge who issued against the six companies and 13 individuals (directors-representatives of the companies and / or client companies and beneficiaries of undue compensation) the preventive seizure order for a total amount of over 3.8 million euro, equal to the sum of the amounts unduly fictitiously compensated by each individual.

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