“This year it will be more serious, too many without antibodies”

“This year it will be more serious, too many without antibodies”
“This year it will be more serious, too many without antibodies”

And now it is feared that theinfluenza come back to strike. Even in a serious way. The easing of restrictions imposed by the pandemic could, in fact, result in what epidemiologists call a “rebound”. Last season we had a few cases: masks, distancing, partially closed schools lockdowns in the cold months have effectively prevented flu viruses from circulating. But this year the conditions are different. For this reason, all over the world, the call from public health services to get vaccinated is strong and pressing. In an article just published in “Nature”, epidemiologists agree that the flu wave could become worrying as protection measures are reduced.

Flu, doctors alarm

«We have a generation that skipped last year’s flu epidemic – explains Silvestro Scotti, secretary of the Federation of family doctors – and this means that many citizens do not even have the antibodies respect to virus of the season ’20 -21. It is important to speed up with vaccines or we risk having more serious conditions».

Rome, the flu in the city: “Few masks, and infections rise”

The influence that is coming to us has already touched the southern hemisphere, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Africa. On 2 October, the Australian Influenza Surveillance Institute released its latest report. Results: few cases, few hospitalizations. But from April to October, Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, recalls, «the data was excellent because the borders were still closed and the protection systems started with the pandemic were being maintained». Systems that, even here last season, have almost canceled bacterial infections such as pneumonia and meningitis. «Last year – adds virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco Medical Director of the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan – interventions to limit the spread of Covid kept the flu very much at bay. Now, however, it could spread much more easily. The vaccine is the only weapon to defend oneself».

Vaccine, Moderna studies the triple shot: injection against Covid, flu and respiratory virus

The analysis that the researchers have done on the seasonal epidemic helps us to read the alarm for cases of bronchiolitis (in Italy but especially in France where the cold arrived before us) in children under two years of age. A viral infection that occurs in children with colds, fever, cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. The first data speak of a growing diffusion in the northern regions of the country. The French Scientific Council explained the phenomenon with a «significant collective immunity deficit for children born after March 2020» that by now go to the nest, they go out regularly, they are no longer protected by a correct spacing.

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