Immunized people at 80%. But over six million workers are totally uncovered

Immunized people at 80%. But over six million workers are totally uncovered
Immunized people at 80%. But over six million workers are totally uncovered

The countdown has begun and from 15 October those who do not have the green pass will not be able to show up for work. But it is estimated that a little less than one in 4 employees in the private sector and one in 5 in the public sector is completely uncovered and therefore will be forced to swab every 48 hours or to give up their salary.

Once the much-desired threshold of 80 percent of immunized people has been exceeded, it is clear that unfortunately it is not enough because there are too many active subjects who have not even received a dose. The CGIA had raised the alarm more than two weeks ago, denouncing that at least 3.7 million employees in small and large companies were still fugitives with respect to the vaccine. And now that the deadline is approaching, some governors, with Luca Zaia, Veneto in the lead, have asked to extend the validity of the buffer from 48 to 72 hours. Request for which the negative opinion of the technicians who wanted to give the green pass the green pass only for those who are vaccinated or cured is taken for granted. However, this request is not made by all regions.

“Tuscany does not share the positions of some governors who are asking for an extension in the application of the green pass and an extension of the validity of the tampons up to 72 hours, because in this way people are discouraged to get vaccinated and a safe restart of the country is slowed down” , clarifies the Tuscan governor, Eugenio Giani. The Conference of the Regions scheduled for this week therefore promises to be rather lively also because the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, is categorical. «The Green pass already lasts 72 hours in the case of molecular swab, while if the swab is antigenic it lasts 48 hours. – the minister is short – We have chosen this system and I think it should be left as it is and then see in the coming weeks whether to adapt it ».

Surely the basin of the vaccinated is widening but too slowly. The president of the Superior Health Council and coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee, Franco Locatelli, paints a reassuring picture. “85% of the vaccinable population received at least one dose and 80% received two doses and this is a formidable result – Locatelli says – We are clearly in a largely favorable situation and continues to improve: the reopening of work activities, as well as schools, at the moment it has not had a negative impact ».

The goal set by the government, 80 percent of vaccinated people reached ten days later than the date set now, however, appears insufficient. Yesterday it had risen to 81% and it is of course a great result which however presents some stretch marks especially in the audience that has to go back to work in presence.

More than six million Italians between the ages of 20 and 69 are still totally uncovered. An active population that will therefore have to carry out repeat tests to return to work. To assess the impact of the green pass obligation, one must also look at the absolute numbers. Yesterday in Lombardy there were still about 900 thousand subjects who had not received even a dose between 20 and 69 years. And certainly at this point by choice not because there are delays with respect to supplies or organizational deficits. Perhaps these are not irreducible no vaxes but they are far too many to have all been exempted for health reasons. If we look at the figures of another region rich in businesses, the Veneto, it can be seen that 510 thousand people are still completely uncovered, always in the “active” bracket between the ages of twenty and 69. In Piedmont there are 480 thousand. In Sicily over 700 thousand and in Campania a little less. In Lazio 470 thousand.

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