Pumpkin and chestnut festival in Rome

For all lovers of CHESTNUT and CALDARROSTE, we celebrate autumn in a weekend dedicated to the delicious fruit.
Mountains of hot and toasted roasted CHESTNUTS, sweet and soft, will be cooked in gigantic braziers as tradition dictates from the old masters of Abruzzo and Umbria. Obviously, in addition to tasting, the delicious fruit can also be purchased fresh from our farms in Viterbo and Avezzano.

While the Pumpkin will be the protagonist of tasty and refined dishes. From Ravioli stuffed with Pumpkin, Ricotta and Amaretti to Strangozzi alla gricia and cream of Pumpkin, from tonnarelli Cacio, Pepe and Pumpkin to the classic but timeless Risotto with pumpkin cream with provolone and parmesan flakes.

There will be no shortage for the most delicious desserts based on Pumpkin and Chestnuts: from the amazing Mont Blanc, all rigorously prepared on the spot, to Pumpkin cakes and jam tarts.

DETAILS: Tasting of CHESTNUTS AND MARRONS from the Cimini Mountains, the Abruzzo hills and lower Umbria. Roasted chestnuts cooked at the moment in wood-fired braziers or on charcoal barbecues, or fresh to buy and then enjoy them comfortably at home.
Chestnut-based menu prepared by our cooks and restaurateurs. 800 seats available, toilets, parking subject to availability (about 400)
WHERE: New Organic Farming Farm – Via Castel di Leva 371
WHEN: Saturday 16 October from 11 to 23 and Sunday 17 October from 11 to 17.
HOW: FREE admission by writing your name + the number of people participating on the bulletin board. Free admission you only pay what you eat. Mandatory Green Pass.
Admission is subject to the provisions on safety against contagion from Covid-SARS 19 in force at the time of the start of the event.
The location is completely outdoors but in indoor places such as bathrooms the use of a mask is mandatory while in the common areas, such as the queues for the cash desks or for the service, the use of the mask is preferred.
In the tables and at the stands it will be possible to sanitize your hands, staff will take care of the cleaning and sanitation of the tables and bathrooms in a continuous cycle.
A large parking area and over 700 outdoor seats with tables spaced and sanitized before and after use by our staff are available to customers and visitors.
In the village specially created for our Festival, tables and chairs will be placed, common services all in compliance with current regulations regarding the prevention and safety of covid-19 contagion.
Follow all the news of the event and the menu of our restaurateurs on the facebook pages: Roma Food Village, Street Chef, La Compagnia della Terra Alta, Italy Food Porn Rome
THE DETAIL: The Orlandi Tartufi farm in Avezzano collects and selects truffles in its own truffle ground in Avezzano, where for several years it has planted and cared for over 1000 plants including hazelnuts, beeches and oaks. Today the truffle harvest takes place thanks to the help of his 42 Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. During the festival there will be the opportunity to buy fresh black and white truffles depending on the harvest, truffles processed in the form of creams, sauces, pates, dairy products and truffle pork butchers.
From Porta San Giovanni take Bus 218
From Via Ardeatina take bus 074
From the GRA exit Laurentina or Ardeatina towards the Sanctuary of Divino Amore

For info and contacts:
FB: Roma Food Village – Compagnia della Terra Alta
Email: [email protected]
Website: terraalta.it Whatsapp 3393370689

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Pumpkin chestnut festival Rome

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