The Cuban consul general in Milan, Llanio Gonzalez, to the CGIL

MANTOVA “Cooperation and solidarity are part of our revolutionary process also in the medical field, as demonstrated by the more than 400,000 health workers sent to over 160 countries from Cuba from the 1960s to today. During the first covid wave, in 2020, we sent more than 40 medical brigades to help the countries that were most in difficulty, two of which operated in Italy, in Crema and Turin ”. To say this, at the headquarters of the CGIL in Mantua, the Consul General of the Republic of Cuba in Milan, Llanio Gonzalez, who spoke at an initiative promoted by the Italian Left, the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association and the Mantua Chamber of Labor, which it also hosted the event. As the Secretary General Daniele Soffiati recalled, CGIL “has started a subscription campaign, still in progress, which last August 26 saw a plane loaded with medical and health material take off from Malpensa for 290 thousand euros. Material that will be delivered to the Cuban health care to cope with the health situation made critical by the covid emergency “.
Consul Gonzalez during his speech, in front of a room that was sold out in compliance with Covid regulations, also recalled how Cuba had to face a terrible emergency such as that generated by the covid, relying almost exclusively on its own forces, due, above all, to the Blockade imposed by the United States: “We have developed 5 vaccines – he said – two of which have been approved and we are administering them to the population. Currently about 50% of Cubans are vaccinated and we were the first country in the world to promote a massive vaccination campaign aimed at children. The situation is critical, but it is improving and the pandemic curve is starting to go down ”. Speaking of the blockade imposed by the US for 60 years now, Gonzalez explained how this has affected the Cuban economy, but also health care and society in general. “With the Obama administration – explained the Consul – a dialogue had been opened to loosen the ‘Bloqueo’, but with Trump things got worse and the administration he headed has adopted 140 measures to strengthen this block and always put the Cuban people are more in difficulty. Measures that Biden has not removed ”.
The Deputy Mayor of Mantua, Giovanni Buvoli, during his speech recalled the spirit of solidarity of Cuba and the Cubans, thanking them for what they did during the pandemic, and said that “the Municipality of Mantua and Aspef have managed to allocate a useful amount to purchase nearly six thousand syringes and kits for the inoculation of vaccines that will be sent to Cuba ”.
The meeting was also attended by the Provincial Coordinator of the Italian Left, Fausto Banzi, who underlined the availability expressed concretely by Cuba during the pandemic emergency, “solidarity without ulterior motives that must now be reciprocated”, he said, and also Walter Persello , Vice President of the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association.


Cuban consul general Milan Llanio Gonzalez CGIL

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