Italia 1 and Canale 5 only in HD: here is when and where


End 2021 of profound changes for the Italian TV, finally entered the first technical phase of switch off from the old to the new digital standard, both terrestrial and satellite. After the announcement of the switch to encoding Mpeg-4 for 19 channels “minors“, And a handful of radios, of RAI e Mediaset now comes a novelty that will have a much greater impact on some viewers because it concerns two channels with great ratings: Italy 1 e Channel 5.

The two main Mediaset networks, as we already know, are excluded from the technical modification of 20 October and, on digital terrestrial, will continue to be broadcast with the old MPEG-2 standard. The same, however, cannot be said about digital satellite’s tivùsat, the free platform that retransmits, via satellite, the same channels as digital terrestrial (plus a few other channels, broadcast exclusively). On this platform, in fact, the two Mediaset flagships will shortly be broadcast only in HD resolution: goodbye to channels with standard resolution, which will be turned off, but also goodbye to Italia 1 and Canale 5 for some users of the service, equipped with a Very dated TV.

Italia 1 and Canale 5 only HD: when

The passage of Italy 1 only HD on tivùsat will happen very soon: the November 1, in just three weeks. There will be more time, however, for Channel 5 which will turn off the standard resolution channel only the January 1, 2022.

Also in this case the resolution change is contextual to the codec change: da Mpeg-2 ad Mpeg-4. These are not the first two Mediaset channels that switch to MPEG-4 and HD resolution, because already in June the same had happened for Network 4, another network with great ratings.

Italia 1 and Canale 5 only HD: who has to change TV

Who is already a tivùsat user on satellite, and today sees without problems Network 4, will therefore have no problem neither on November 1st with Italia 1 nor on January 1st 2022 with Canale 5: the standard and resolution are the same, if you see Rete 4 you will also see Italia 1 and Canale 5.

In principle, all televisions and all decoders equipped with the stickers are compatible with MPEG-4 and high resolution. HD TV, tivùsat 4K, latex e lativù 4K. Those who are not equipped with this type of equipment will have to update their TV or decoder.

In this case the best choice will be that of buy a new HD or 4K TV with integrated double decoder, both digital terrestrial DVB-T2 and digital satellite DVB-S2.

All modern TVs with dual decoders on sale today, in fact, are fully compatible with the HD resolution, the MPEG-4 and they will have no problem either in November, or in January 2022 or even in January 2023, when we will change the standard again by switching to the future codec HEVC Main-10. On these TVs, equipped with a slot for the CAM and a sticker, we will be able to use the tivùsat card already in our possession without problems.

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