The president of the Czech Republic is in intensive care

The president of the Czech Republic is in intensive care
The president of the Czech Republic is in intensive care

On Sunday, the president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, was hospitalized in intensive care for an aggravation of his health conditions, of which however many other details have not been disclosed. Zeman is 77 years old, has diabetes and has been having trouble walking for some time. His hospitalization could now make the process of forming the new government more uncertain and complicated: parliamentary elections were held on Friday and Saturday and the Czech Constitution provides that the president will be entrusted with the task of forming a new executive (as well as the Italian one).

In the elections, the party with the most votes was the one led by billionaire and current Prime Minister Andrej Babis, of populist orientation and political ally of Zeman: the party is called ANO, which in Czech means “yes” and is an acronym for “citizens’ action. dissatisfied ”, and obtained 27.1 per cent of the votes, below pre-election expectations. The most voted political force was the center-right coalition SPOLU (“together”), which is made up of three parties: it is led by former university professor Petr Fiala and obtained 27.9 percent of the votes.

Before the vote, Zeman said he would give the job to the single party that got the most votes and not to the coalition with the most seats in parliament. If Zeman will be able to express an official decision and will keep what was previously indicated, it would be up to ANO to try to form the new government; if he will not be able to make a decision, it will be up to the speaker of the lower house of Parliament to do so, and at that point the choice may be different.

Czech President Milos Zeman arrives at the military hospital in Prague by ambulance on Sunday 10 October (AP Photo / Petr David Josek)

Zeman was taken to hospital after a brief meeting with the prime minister, to whom he is considered very close. On Sunday Babis did not release any official statement regarding the interview with the president, but later wrote on Facebook that ANO will be the single strongest party in the Czech parliament.

Babis has ruled since December 2017 and in recent years has been criticized by the opposition above all for its conflicts of interest, for its Eurosceptic approach, for raising public debt and for managing the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, moreover, there has also been talk of his involvement in the so-called Pandora Papers, according to which he secretly bought a 22 million dollar castle in France, paying for it with money from some companies based abroad. According to a

of the research agency Kantar quoted by Politico 8 percent of ANO supporters would have voted for another party precisely following the revelations of the documents: votes that would have been crucial for a victory for the party, which instead obtained about 36 thousand votes less than the center-right coalition.

In any case, even if Babis were to get the job of forming the new government, he would face a very divided parliament: SPOLU and the centrist coalition PirStan, which came third with 15.6 per cent of the votes, won 108 of the 200 seats. of Parliament, and both said they did not want to govern with him.

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