the numbers since the beginning of the pandemic

From February 2020, month pre Covid, last August, the latest available survey, the total number of self-employed workers 1 fell by 302 thousand units (-5.8 per cent).

In the same period, however, i workers employees fell by 89 thousand (-0.5 percent). If, in absolute terms, the former have fallen below the 5 million threshold (precisely 4,936,000), the latter have touched 17.847.000. In short, in a year and a half Covid has put a strain on the Italian world of work, even if the so-called people of the VAT numbers. To report it is theCGIA Studies Office.

“Massacre” of self-employed: what causes?

To the traditional problems – underline the craftsmen from Mestre – “that have always haunted them micro enterprises (taxes, bureaucracy, lack of credit, etc.), the closures imposed by decree, the limitations to mobility, the collapse of household consumption and the boom e-commerce registered in the last year and a half have worsened the situation of many self-employed who have been forced to permanently close their business. These micro realities, we recall, live almost exclusively on internal demand, linked to the territory in which they operate. In 2020 alone, household consumption in Italy fell by approximately 130 billion euros, money that largely fed the revenues of the very small businesses that, following this contraction, were no longer able to make ends meet ”.

A crisis, that of world of self-employment, which starts from very far. In the lasts 17 years, the maximum peak of openings was reached in March 2004, when the total number of independents present in Italy reached a quota 6.303.000 unit. Subsequently, there was a continuation “hemorrhage” which in December 2020 brought this category of employment below the threshold of 5 million. In January of this year, however, the lowest quota since this time series has been reached was reached: 4,925,000. Finally, from February, the climb that lasted until April resumed. Subsequently, the curve had a sinusoidal trend and stopped in August at an altitude 4.936.000.

Immediate crisis table

For months the CGIA asks both al First Draghi that to the governors to open a permanent crisis table at national and local level. Never as in this moment, in fact, is it necessary to give an answer to a world, the autonomous one, which is experiencing a particularly delicate situation. Mind you, there are no miraculous measures. And we must not forget that in this last year and a half, in addition to the refreshments (although completely insufficient), the successive executives have, among other things, approved l’Iscro, extended the use of the universal allowance for i dependent children also to the self-employed and emergency income has been introduced for those who are still in business. All important measures, but not sufficient to stem the difficulty emerged in these months of pandemic.

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