Strike 11 October, in Milan the risk of drivers no vax-

Strike 11 October, in Milan the risk of drivers no vax-
Strike 11 October, in Milan the risk of drivers no vax-

Today, Monday 11 October, there is a general strike called by the base unions. In Milan inconvenience both on the ATM surface lines and on the subway, as well as on trains.Here the timetables and the warranty bands.

At least one driver has already communicated to the administrative offices of the ATM of not have the green pass, and that by this next Friday I won’t be at work. Behind that communication there is an ethical and health conviction (not to get vaccinated), and in some way also a responsibility towards the company, which will have to organize the service. The question of the next five days starts from that communication, but goes much further, towards a terrain that is currently unknown: how many trammen, drivers, ATM train drivers and Trenord railwaymen intend to bring the most general national protest against the green certification? And what impact force they will be able to put on the field, creating repercussions on public transport, skipping the races, or extending frequencies due to a lack of staff?

The complex chessboard. To try to define it, we need to identify some central elements. The first: given that in Lombardy about 85 percent of the population has had the vaccine, it can be assumed that among the employees of public transport companies the trend is in line with the rest of the Region, and that therefore there are about 15 per cent unvaccinated. These workers (if in the meantime they have not decided to make the initiation) to take up service from next Friday will have to start swabbing, at least two or three a week, paid at their own expense. And since the decree does not provide for it, for now the companies have no intention of making an economic contribution for tampons to those who do not vaccinate.

Another decisive point. So far the protest has materialized in the butSaturday demonstrations (which were also attended by groups of tram and railway workers), while from today it will begin to encroach on public services. This morning the adhesion to the national strike called by the grassroots unions, and which concerns all sectors, not just transport, will be able to provide some indications. But certainly the crucial period will start on Friday.

If they have numbers and a sufficient availability to the tough opposition, for a few days tram and railway workers could carry on a sort of indefinite protest, fielding (perhaps in alternating groups) various weapons: some lost payday, as per decree in case someone shows up for work without a green pass; a few days off; a few days of illness. In general: many absences.

Companies are trying to organize themselves to absorb a movement whose proportions they are currently unable to identify. Trenord told unions that he had effectively frozen his holidays starting October 15 (position also disapproved of by the CGIL: today a new meeting). Atm, like Trenord, is in the meantime also working on the organization of controls. The drivers of public transport work roughly on three shifts: the first attack at dawn in the depots, and therefore they will all be checked at the entrance; the second and third (day and evening shifts) on the other hand start mostly in line, and for these there is a random check during the service. In fact, within a few days, all should be checked.

Per Trenord there is some risk of extra disruption. For ATM it depends on concentrations: if the no passes that do not work are distributed among the different lines and at different times, the impact on the service could be absorbed; if, on the other hand, they were to concentrate in the same shift and on the same line (perhaps metr), they could also get to some blockage of traffic or closure of stations. The company has about a hundred stocks every day, that is a list of drivers who are not on duty, but available, to make up for physiological absences, for example due to illness. The maintenance of the service will be played on this balance: between how many no passes will be absent, and whether the reservists will be enough to fill the gaps.

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