black monday after the chaos. Bus, metro and tram stops – Il Tempo

black monday after the chaos. Bus, metro and tram stops – Il Tempo
black monday after the chaos. Bus, metro and tram stops – Il Tempo

Valentina Conti

11 October 2021

Beginning of the week to forget, once again, for the Romans. It will be the umpteenth Monday of passion, today’s one, for public transport in the capital. One 24-hour general strike, called by Cobas and other grassroots unions, which involves various sectors, including Atac, Roma Tpl and Cotral, but also the day service sector. As regards the night service, the night bus lines 38-44-61-86-170-246-301-45 1-664-881-916-980 and the lines 314-404-444 of the Rome company will not be covered Tpl. Daytime lines that have scheduled runs beyond 24 hours are also not guaranteed.

During the strike, the public activities of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità may also not be insured. Furthermore, the service of escalators, lifts and stair lifts will not be safe in the stations of the metro-railway network that will remain open. It will certainly not be the ticket office service either; the interchange parking lots will remain open, and the online ticketing service will not be interrupted.

On the chapter regional trainsthen, essential services will be guaranteed in the event of a strike on weekdays from 6 to 9 and from 18 to 21. Regular service for Arrows and Intercity. In terms of waste collection, “a limited impact on the overall provision of corporate urban hygiene services in the city is expected”, informs Ama SpA in a note, adding “that it has in any case activated, in implementation of the provisions of the law , the procedures aimed at ensuring minimum essential services and indispensable services during the strike ».

«A multiplicity of appointments at 10 in the morning will bring the protest of companies in crisis under the Mise, under Giorgetti’s windows; that of professors, students and Ata staff will be in viale Trastevere together with researchers, precarious and not; while Brunetta will have in her ears the resounding whistles of public workers gathered at Palazzo Vidoni, ”says the Union of the Base.

«The government and the Ministry of Education underline the USB on the pre-school side – they did not allocate a euro to stabilize the hundreds of thousands of precarious teachers, to increase the Ata staff now reduced to the limit; a negligible share of the PNRR has been allocated to school buildings, while our classrooms remain overcrowded, with the risk of becoming hotbeds of contagion ». The final appointment of the protest is set for 12.30 in Piazza Santi Apostoli, where the demonstration that started from Piazza della Repubblica will end at 10. As the procession passes, traffic closures and possible temporary deviations or limitations for various bus lines will be triggered.

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