Il Mattino on Italy: “Azzurri on their knees, this time they are all”

“Azzurri on their knees, this time they are all”, headlines today The morning on Roberto Mancini’s Italy. They knelt down. And this time there is substance, not just appearance in the gesture. Because Serie A, overwhelmed by Koulibaly’s anger and denunciation, by racist insults to the Senegalese defender, by stadiums that are seething with discrimination again, responds with its national champion of Europe. Almost a cry, the desire to say enough is enough: all the Azzurri put their knees on the ground before the start of the Italy-Belgium whistle. Like in Munich, in July. Give us the goals to dream of a better world, one might say. Who knows maybe this is the gesture that Koulibaly will do before Napoli-Turin: kneel. Of course, Kalidou is now a true symbol of anti-racism, perhaps for this reason it risks becoming a target of the ultra fringes in the stadiums, one to be targeted.


Mattino Italy Azzurri knees time

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