the (questionable) choice to tolerate excesses

the (questionable) choice to tolerate excesses
the (questionable) choice to tolerate excesses

The violent tail of the demonstrations on Saturday culminating in the siege of the emergency room of a Roman polyclinic in the night between Saturday and Sunday confirms, if someone needs the ratification of evidence, that there is a security emergency on the front of civil coexistence.
The photograph of the State Police armored vehicle placed to “barricade” the door of Palazzo Chigi while at two hundred meters the final battle between extremists No Green pass and police took place on Saturday evening, it well described the climate of tension and also of fear that the country experienced over the weekend just ended. That image certifies the failure of the strategy that the Viminale has been pursuing for months in addressing the multitude of violations of the rules established by the government in terms of contagion prevention.

They called her “Containment strategy”; consists in guarding the place where the violation takes place by transforming the police into witnesses of illegal behavior before the intervention is ordered. The clearest explanation came a few weeks ago, during a rave in Viterbo which had attracted thousands of young people into confined spaces, at a time when any gathering was forbidden. That meeting went on for days, with the police who “guarded” the area, while the rowdy young men slaughtered the sheep grazing in the nearby countryside, left piles of waste, consumed drugs. It was said, in those days, that it was necessary to “contain” the crowd. And the eviction took place only after days of requests from the mayors of the area.

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Mild containment in Rome

We saw the same mild containment on Saturday afternoon, when the rioters No Green pass violated the ban on leaving the square that had been assigned to their demonstration (Piazza del Popolo), they tried to overturn an armored car of the State Police, then they entered Washington Avenue within Villa Borghese (also insulting the park-goers, “guilty” of cowardice for not joining the protest) and headed for Porta Pinciana, at the beginning of the living room in Rome, via Veneto. All under the eyes of the Mobile Departments of Police, Carabinieri and Finance, which had been ordered to “contain”. Any middle-experienced investigator, at that hour, would have realized that this raging tide could hit any sensitive target at hand, and the CGIL was two hundred meters away. Similarly, it was evident that the path taken by the protesters led to Palazzo Chigi, where it was decided to lock the door with a van, with a choice that highlighted all the unpreparedness for a situation that was obviously out of hand.

The same unpleasant sensation was had in learning that the emergency room of the Roman polyclinic had been attacked during the night. Umberto Primo, where one of the demonstrators had been hospitalized, who at the request to carry out a swab (as required by the procedures in force throughout the country) called a few dozen accomplices who entered the hospital, injuring two health workers and causing damage to the furnishings. Also in this case, evidently, the police forces present have chosen the strategy of “containment”.

Well, in a few days, on the morning of Friday 15 October, all the excited demonstrators on Saturday afternoon will have to show up at their respective workplaces showing a Green pass that they obviously do not have. In reality, the multitude of workers who still do not have the green certification is much more extensive: over two million private employees and 250 thousand public employees (as explained by a report on page 7 of this newspaper), who have deliberately chosen not to join the invitation by Prime Minister Draghi to carry out the vaccination. It is an angry multitude, which could indulge in outbursts of protest and violence, even going so far as to field subversive conduct, such as those hypothesized on Saturday by the police headquarters, which armored Palazzo Chigi.

Faced with this scenario, one wonders whether it would not be appropriate to rethink the whole public safety device in the workplace, perhaps starting a screening of private companies and public offices in which the percentage of No Green pass is more consistent and activating safeguards of law enforcement agencies that – having abandoned the failed experience of “containment” – allow the serene resumption of entrepreneurial activities. On which – it is worth repeating – the restart of the country depends.


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