today stop trains, planes and transport

today stop trains, planes and transport
today stop trains, planes and transport

National general strike, Italy stops. Today, Monday 11 October 2021, transport in particular is at risk: trains at the station from 9 pm on Sunday 10 October, planes on the ground, buses and metro out of service. Also schools and public offices involved in the protest for the agitation that provides for guarantee bands especially in relation to local transport in large cities.

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The 24-hour national general strike promoted by “all the conflicting, alternative and grassroots trade unions promises to be very participatory throughout the country, even more so after the violence of the fascist squads on Saturday in Rome”, underlines the Union of the Base Union in reporting that demonstrations will be held in more than 40 cities of workers of all categories in the public and private sectors. In Rome, a multiplicity of appointments at 10 in the morning will bring the protest of companies in crisis under the Mise, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Simplification. The final appointment is for 12.30 in piazza Santi Apostoli, where the procession will end at 10 from piazza della Repubblica.

The Cobas indicate the reason and objectives of the strike:

– the reduction of working time with the same salary to combat unemployment due to the computerization and robotisation of production;

– quality work in terms of rights, with a permanent contract as a general rule, the raising of real wages and a European minimum wage, the abolition of the Jobs Act and the Fornero reform; equal pay for women; no to the release of dismissals and the suspension of income due to lack of Green pass; yes to the abolition of contracts and sub-contracts, with internalisation starting from the public sector;

– revaluation of current pensions and public pensions guaranteed to young people:

– a universal income, also extended to migrants, which strengthens the bargaining power of workers / tricii;

– the strengthening of inspection systems and the role of RLS, for real safety at work, greater sanctions for non-compliant employers;

– a turnaround with respect to ecological disasters and climate change caused by capitalism, avoiding green washing operations;

– the relaunch of the welfare state, through:

a) investments in public schools, with a reduction in the number of pupils per class, an increase in staff with the recruitment of teachers with 3 years of service and Ata with 2; for immediate and long-term interventions in school buildings and local transport;

b) investments in public health with the indefinite hiring of nurses, doctors and social-health workers, strengthening medicine on the territory and in schools, against the corporateization and privatization of health; for the suspension of patents and the export of vaccines and technology to produce them locally for the fight against the pandemic;

c) strengthening of public transport, reversing the privatization / corporatization of recent decades, with the return to direct management by public entities.

d) adequate recruitment in the public sector to meet social needs (care of the elderly and disabled at home, protection of the territory and the environment, cultural and sporting needs, etc.)

Against the repression of strikes and social struggles, for a true democracy in companies, against the monopoly of unions to agree on trade union rights.


The train strike started at 9pm on Sunday 10 October and will last until 9pm today. Trenitalia’s Frecce and Intercity trains will circulate regularly. Trenitalia undertakes to ensure almost all connections, with possible slight changes to the train program, indicates the list of guaranteed trains.

Italo also informs users by publishing the list of guaranteed trains online.


Warranty bands also for airplanes, as Enac recalls. The protected times range from 7 to 10 and from 18 to 21: in these bands the flights must still be carried out. In addition, detailed information on the operation of each flight can be requested from the airline of reference, explains the institution, publishing the list of guaranteed flights from 1 to 24 October 11.


It promises to be a day of passion for those who use public transport in cities. In regional transport, essential services are guaranteed from 6 to 9 and from 18 to 21. In Rome, stop in sight for Atac, Roma Tpl and Cotral: the means stop at 8.30, when the bus, metro and Rome-Civitacastellana-Viterbo, Termini-Centocelle and Rome-Lido lines. Transport will resume between 5 pm and 8 pm. In Milan, guarantee periods between 6 and 9 and between 6 and 9 pm. In Naples, public transport services are guaranteed between 5.30-8-30 and 17-20.

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