Cupertino’s appeal against access to external sites and stores –

Cupertino’s appeal against access to external sites and stores –
Cupertino’s appeal against access to external sites and stores –

The process Apple versus Epic Games was largely resolved in favor of Apple, so much so that the cover company called it a “sound victory”, but there is a rather important aspect that instead went in favor of Epic Games, or the so-called rule contrary to “anti-steering”, which requires the company to grant developers access to stores and sites within individual apps, against which Apple has filed appeal.

Judge Gonzalez Rogers had awarded a partial win to Epic Games in the trial, which otherwise went largely in Apple’s favor, requiring Apple to eliminate or change the rules that require developers not to be able to send back to links external to the App Store within the apps.

As requested by the judge, with the prior confirmed consent of the users, developers must be free to include in their apps links and links to sites and structures outside the App Store, including management systems. monetization or store specific. This is a single point in favor of Epic Games but it is still an important victory from the point of view of the software house.

However, all this could be blocked for a rather long period of time, given that Apple is appealing against this decision, asking for it to be blocked until it is reviewed by the court.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Apple is asking for this by leveraging the need to “protect consumers and safeguard its platform “, to face” rapidly evolving legal, technological and economic problems “.

Apple also considers it unnecessary to adopt new anti-steering regulations as these would be redundant, as they would have already been removed following the Cameron vs Apple lawsuit that emerged earlier. However, this appears as a real legal strategy on the part of Apple, considering how this modification of the agreements with the developers had not been applied immediately after the previous process (which was resolved with a simple “clarification” of the guidelines, not with the cancellation of rules that imposed anti-steering) but added perhaps later just to be useful in the latter case, as reported by The Verge.

The major problem, for Apple, it seems to be the very possibility that the new rules to be adopted within the App Store guidelines, under the indications of the trial against Epic Games, could lead to the spread of links to external stores and monetization systems from the App Store . From this point of view, Apple is leveraging the risks that users could incur with leaving a safe and controlled environment such as that of the App Store, trying in this way to obtain time and possibly a modification or removal of the required variations. .

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