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GF Vip 6, Manuel’s very hard attack on Lulu: terrified spectators

A relationship ended before it could arise: the one between Lulu and Manuel is a real relationship at the terminus of GF Vip 6

Manuel Bortuzzo e Lulu Salassié they appeared to be the first pair of the GF VIP 6. In reality, theirs seems to be a relationship that has faded even before it arises. If a few episodes ago we were moved by their lovebirds effusions, now the swimmer does not utter any words to honey for the Princess.

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In particular, in the afternoon, Lulu he was letting off steam again with Manuel explaining that he wanted to live his adventure at peacefully GF VIP 6, but his response was somewhat rude: “Then start not to break my ass for these things”.

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GF Vip 6, love at the end of the line between Manuel and Lulu?

Lulù Salassié and Manuel Bortuzzo (@Twitter)

During the conversation that took place this afternoon between Lulu e Manuel, the swimmer has specified that he is not looking for a girlfriend in the reality show. What did those effusions in recent weeks mean to him then? Some fans of the broadcast have noticed a clear change of course by Manuel since, in the studio, she showed up Federica.

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Although much of the web is on the side of Bortuzzo, it is evident how not very nice are the words he uses and the tones in which he says them, towards Lulu Salassié. The latter, however, according to popular opinion would be too ‘petulant’.


Vip Manuels hard attack Lulu terrified spectators

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