The Catholic School ‘judged with the old methods’: the abolition of censorship promised by Franceschini seems a mirage

The Catholic School ‘judged with the old methods’: the abolition of censorship promised by Franceschini seems a mirage
The Catholic School ‘judged with the old methods’: the abolition of censorship promised by Franceschini seems a mirage

The Catholic School was judged (and forbidden to minors under 18) with the old ministerial censoring methods. In conclusion, other than goodbye censorship as triumphantly heralded by Minister Franceschini in April 2021. The methodological confirmation of the evaluation of the fate of the film Stefano Mordini comes from the blog of Alberto Farina. The critic and programmer of Rai Movie has also been a member of the III Film Review Commission. Commission that took care about ten days ago to formulate a negative opinion on La Scuola Cattolica. “Although the change in the rules governing Film Revision (the so-called” censorship “) has been announced for months, this decision was still made on the basis of the old system, because in all these years the new one has not yet been started”, Farina explains on his blog.

“Like the other Commissions, the one I am part of should have expired on 23 February 2018. You can also check it immediately by visiting the ministry’s website. In all this time we have been asked several times to continue our service while waiting for the definition and official investiture of the new officers. What is the reason for this delay, now three and a half years old, I do not know, but it is good to keep this in mind ”. in conclusion the so-called abolition of censorship it has not yet happened and who knows if this unattainable chimera can ever be realized beyond the megaphones of propaganda. Farina, however, specifies which side he is on with respect to the ban on minors under 18 on Mordini’s film: “I voted for the removal of the ban from VM18 to VM14. That I argued very lively to support my position. Except that when, at the end of the session, we went to the vote, we who wanted to declassify ended up in the minority. Outvoted, it is said in English. And therefore The Catholic school remained forbidden to minors under the age of 18 and with this ban around the neck he faces, from today (the post was written on 7 October 2021 ed), his baptism in the hall “.

Prohibition, let’s remember it tripped thanks to the completely arbitrary interpretation of a sequence in the film where a theology professor gives a lesson on the origin of good and evil in front of a class of teenagers who are the protagonists of the film. “The film presents a filmic narrative that has as its central point the substantial equation of the victim and the executioner – it is explained in the official motivations of the Commission – in particular the protagonists of the story, although starting from different social situations, end up by all appear unable to understand the situation in which they are involved. This reading that appears from the images, very violent in the last twenty minutes, is preceded in the first part of the film, by a scene in which a professor, pausing on a painting in which Christ is scourged, provides together with the boys, including the murders of Circeo, an interpretation in which the same, Jesus Christ and the flagellants are substantially placed on the same level ”. Farina thus concludes: “Seeing the film, it is clear how wrong this reading is. The scene of the professor who offers his students the intellectual provocation to ask themselves to what extent good and evil need each other to be defined serves to draw the environment from which the monsters of Circeo were born but also a writer of the level by Edoardo Albinati. It certainly does not aim to propose a kind of crazy moral relativism but, on the contrary, to affirm the right and the duty to choose between good and evil”.

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