the revolt does not stop, the level of the clash rises

10 October 2021 18:45

The communiqué of the far-right movement after the riots in Rome: “With or without us the popular revolution will go on”

“Not even the dissolution of Fn can reverse course”

“It is certainly not by arresting some of our leaders that the frightened and nervous system will be able to stop him. Not even the dissolution of Fn could reverse the course of what is happening and will happen in the coming weeks”, reads the statement signed by the Forza Nuova militants Giuseppe Provenzale , Luca Castellini, Davide Pirillo and Stefano Saija.

“The people have decided to raise the level of the clash”

“Months of peaceful squares have not stopped the entry into force of the rules on the Green pass, but now the music has changed and the conductor and composer is only the people in struggle who have decided to raise the level of the clash”, they continue.

The attack on the headquarters of the CGIL Regarding the attack on the CGIL headquarters, the movement underlines that people are forced “to defend themselves from the unanimous ferocity of those who should represent them, the attack on the CGIL fits perfectly into this analytical framework”. And again: “They give the cross to a political movement that represents only a very small component of the hundreds of thousands of exasperated Italians. Of anti-fascism, and with it the old ideological categories of the last century, to the people attacked with unprecedented violence and ferocity the regime does not care about anything “.


revolt stop level clash rises

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