In Milan the robbery with a shard of a bottle (and tested in the face)

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10 October 2021 17:54


First the threats, then the de facto ways, with head shots. So two people robbed a 22-year-old Egyptian purse on the evening of Saturday 9 October in Viale Monte Grappa.

To intervene on the spot, after reporting a dispute, the carabinieri, who arrested an 18-year-old Egyptian, residing in Milan, for aggravated robbery in competition.

Shortly before, the victim had been approached by two unidentified people who, threatening him with a shard of bottle, had tried to take away his purse. Then, later, the arrested 18-year-old arrived, who hit the 22-year-old with a head in the face, managing to steal his bag, inside which he had smartphones, documents and 160 euros in cash.

The ‘booty’ was immediately handed over to the two accomplices, who fled. In the meantime, however, the military arrived on the spot and blocked the 18-year-old while he was trying to escape, and then lead him to San Vittore.


Milan robbery shard bottle tested face

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