38 officers injured, 600 protesters identified

An anti-terrorism magistrate will also investigate the clashes that took place yesterday afternoon at the No-Vax and no Green pass demonstration in the center of Rome: a siege on the palaces of power, maneuvered by ultra-right groups ready to raise the tension and inject violence in the square in less than a week from the entry into force of the obligation of the Green pass in the workplace. The anger of the demonstrators on the street against the green certificate in Rome, on Saturday 09 October 2021, ignited with scenes that have not been seen for some time.

It is the numbers from the war bulletin that make even more evident what happened on the sidelines of the no green pass event that was held in Piazza del Popolo and in which a total of about 10,000 people took part. According to the bulletin known by the Rome Police Headquarters, 38 members of the police were injured in yesterday’s clashes in Rome. These include a police officer who suffered a fractured rib and a forensic police operator who was fractured a cheekbone. Also very serious what happened at the Umberto I hospital where a group of demonstrators broke into the emergency room to free a hospitalized man in police custody: four injured among health workers and police officers.

As for the control services, 600 demonstrators have been identified from Reggio Emilia, Padua, Mantua, Brescia, Verona, Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Pesaro, Ancona, Florence, Trieste, Bolzano, Modena, Treviso, Rovereto and Arezzo. Controlled 56 minivans and 5 coaches and numerous motorbikes.

Who are the arrested?

Six people were arrested in fragrance: the crimes for which they are reported are numerous, including aggravated damage, devastation and pillage, violence and resistance to a public official. Further investigation and verification activities are underway on the videos recorded by the staff of the Scientific Police, in order to assess other criminal conduct relevant to the facts that have occurred. Then in the night other arrests were made.

At the moment a total of 12 people have been arrested, including the historical leaders of Forza Nuova Giuliano Castellino e Roberto Fiore, as well as the promoter of the event Pamela Testa, 39 years old, and Luigi Aronica, 65, “er panther di Monteverde” former member of the Nar and already sentenced to 18 years in 1985 precisely because of his militancy in the Revolutionary Armed Nuclei. The restaurateur was also among those arrested Biagio Passaro, leader of the ‘IoApro’ movement, present during the assault on the CGIL headquarters in Rome.

Who are the Nar

The Revolutionary Armed Nuclei (NAR) were an Italian terrorist organization of neo-fascist inspiration, born in Rome and active from 1977 to 1981. They marked a turning point in the black subversion and during the four years of activity the NAR were responsible for 33 murders, for which Giuseppe Valerio Fioravanti, Francesca Mambro and Luigi Ciavardini were convicted as material executors, with a final sentence.

The assault on the CGIL and the charges on Via del Corso

The Saturday of very high tension in the center of Rome began in Piazza del Popolo where the no green passes poured out in droves for the last event before the obligation of a green certificate in the workplace. There are several acronyms present in the no-mask, no-pass, no-vax universe: among the many groups “Enough health dictatorship”, “No green pass”, and the restaurateurs of “Io apro !. With them also and above all Forza Nuova, with Roberto Fiore and the Roman leader Giuliano Castellino to act as head of the people: “We take Rome” shouts from the stage. It is the most attended no green pass event of these weeks. After a series of interventions the sit in, authorized, yes it turns into a procession, or rather, into processions.The first exits from the side of piazzale Flaminio, the second has aimed at the palaces of power on the other side.

The symbolically strongest event was certainly the assault on the CGIL headquarters. A group of No green passes and neo-fascists aimed, going up from via Veneto, first Porta Pinciana, then headed to the headquarters of the CGIL. Here the assault on the headquarters started, with the door broken down by about fifty excited people, then entered inside as shown by the images published live by the restaurateurs of Io Apro.

Then the intervention of the police who try to regain the position by removing the troublemakers. Those who try to bring the demonstrators back to a peaceful attitude also stand in their way.

In the meantime, the bulk of the procession has aimed at Palazzo Chigi and Montecitorio. The police defended the Palazzo Chigi. Many demonstrators arrived a few meters from the police cordon, with their hands raised to demonstrate the peaceful intent of the protest. A protester with a head injury approached the police stationed in Largo Chigi to show blood on her face. The Roman leader of Forza Nuova, Giuliano Castellino, in protest at the blockade of the parade, also approached the police. Another protester knelt in the street instead.

The procession was rejected and dispersed in via del Tritone, Largo Chigi height, by a prolonged police charge followed by mocking applause from the demonstrators. The police are again backward to protect the institutional buildings, also pushed by the pressure of the demonstrators who continued the protest: “Let’s not be divided”.

Parade that when it seemed to fade has regained vigor off Chigi, an area cleared a few minutes earlier by the police. Right here then new clashes broke out, one protester was blocked after coming into contact with two agents while others responded to the lightening charge with the throwing of bottles.

At 9 pm the decision of the police to drive the demonstrators back to Piazza del Popolo. And again clashes, with the launch of tear gas and fire hydrants. Hydrants also used to drive further the demonstrators who, along via del Corso, had in the meantime organized a sort of barricade, swept away by the force of the water jet.

At 10 pm the last demonstrators, having launched the last insults to journalists and policemen, left via del Corso.

The CGIL has called a national demonstration on Saturday 16 October

Even in Milan clashes with the police: the no green passes want to occupy the Central Station

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