Big Brother Vip 2021, the drastic decision of Lulu’s family

Big Brother Vip, the staff and family of Lucrezia Selassié, known in the reality show as “Lulù”, take a drastic and inevitable decision

Since the early days of reality TV, Lucrezia Selassié, better known as Lulu, immediately became one of the main characters of the Big Brother Vip. A “curious” physical aspect due to a decisive intervention (perhaps even more than one) by the plastic surgeon, combined with great sympathy and a strong personality. The “Princess“Right from the start he put the swimmer in the” crosshairs “ Manuel Bortuzzo.

Big Brother Vip 2021, the drastic and inevitable decision of Lulu’s family (websource)

An attraction, apparently, irresistible. Yet this strong interest has made many turn up their noses. For someone its attraction to Manuel it was only a facade move, in the sense of wanting to work alongside a very strong character, who will very unlikely be named and will proceed smoothly to the final stages. Moreover, she has never concealed her interest in Manuel, eventually becoming sticky.

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Big Brother Vip, too many attacks on Lucrezia: the family makes a decision

After all, the boy does not seem to correspond to this great interest, on the contrary he seems to want to break off with her but without having the courage. Also for this reason there is much talk of Lucrezia and its paturnias. These days a difficult past of her struggling with bulimia (a serious eating disorder) is emerging partly revealed by one of her sisters, Clarissa. And as always, the web has targeted the girl with the usual and unpleasant cynicism of the gods social.

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Lulu was accused, in fact, of wanting to take advantage of the situation with Manuel to ingratiate himself with the public and save himself from any nominations. Precisely because of these repeated insults and offenses, the family of Lulu and the curators of his social profile have decided to close his Instagram page. A way to protect the girl waiting for her to leave the house and return to everyday life.


Big Brother Vip drastic decision Lulus family

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