Forza Nuova attacks again but the motion of dissolution is already ready

The clashes in Rome yesterday, in addition to the protests, the injured, the assault on the CGIL headquarters, left much deeper aftermath. Despite the arrests, Forza Nuova has relaunched stating that the clash does not stop there.

The announcement of Forza Nuova

On Telegram, one of the fast-track for announcements of the far-right movement, some exponents wrote that “the regime“would be in trouble and that the Roman day yesterday”acts as a watershed between old and new“: the message it is signed by 4 exponents, Giuseppe Provenzale, Luca Castellini, Davide Pirillo, Stefano Saija who took it out on all the media, police headquarters and political parties considered “of the system” that “they are not able to read the facts, (because it is not convenient for them and they are afraid), and they give the cross on a political movement that represents only a very small component of the hundreds of thousands of exasperated Italians, because they are threatened in the same elementary law to work and survival“. The message ends with the invasion of Piazza del Popolo and the palaces of” the hated power “.

The threat

The Forza Nuova message continues by arguing that the people must “defend one’s freedom tooth and nail“: no fear, therefore, for the arrested leaders but on the contrary, a new threat: the system would be frightened and does not stop, not even the dissolution of the party could”reverse the course of what is happening e will happen in the next weeks“.

The Democratic Party wants to dissolve FN

The deputy dem Emanuele Fiano, of the presidency of the Pd Group in the Chamber, said that on Monday, the Democratic Party intends to present an urgent measure to the Chamber to ask the government dissolution of Forza Nuova. “Bauction violence by neo-fascist groups – says Fiano – Forza Nuova is an openly fascist movement, in recent years always at the helm of the worst violent implications of street demonstrations, whose multi-prejudiced leaders make a mockery of the state and the law in contravention of the restrictions to which they should be subjected, like yesterday their manager of Rome, Giuliano Castellino“. The request for dissolution will be made in accordance with the Scelba Law which, since June 20, 1952, has been included in our Constitution introducing the crime of apology for fascism.

I recall Mattarella’s words, let the laws of the Republic apply. If there are violations, it is necessary to pursue the objectives of the laws of the Republic, Mattarella says wise words“. The coordinator of Forza Italia declared it, Antonio Tajani to the broadcast “Half an hour more” on the motion of the Democratic Party in Parliament to dissolve Forza Nuova by decree.

Who are the arrested executives

As we dealt with at, twelve people were arrested after the ignoble clashes in the capital stops, you are in the act of crime and others with deferred arrest, a much greater number than those identified. As mentioned by Fiano, among them there is also Giuliano Castellino, a leading exponent of Forza Nuova in Rome, Roberto Fiore, national leader of Fn, already convicted in 1985 for subversive association and armed gang and AL, aged 65, former member to the Nar, the revolutionary armed groups. PT, promoter of the demonstration, was also arrested: the crimes of which they are accused range from aggravated damage to devastation and looting, from violence to resistance to a public official.

Of the direction Occult of yesterday are certainly part of Castellino and Fiore, who also led the assault on the CGIL: the identification was possible thanks to the surveillance cameras that recognized their faces. The entire ground floor was destroyed after the assault on the union by the demonstrators who, pushed by their leaders, made their way through the entrance of the building by breaking into it.

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