On Sunday they will detonate two bombs full of TNT explosives in Segrate (Milan)

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09 October 2021 21:43


On Sunday 10 October, the specialists of the 10th Genio Guastatori regiment will clean up an unexploded military device found in a construction site in Segrate, at the Milan-Smistamento freight yard, near the FS ‘Terminal Italia’ area of ​​Via Rivoltana, 50 / A.

These are two aircraft bombs of 500 pounds remnants of war from the Second World War, one of which is American with a weight of 231.5 kg and a charge of 154 kg of TNT explosives. The other is English with a weight of 227 kilos and a charge of 137.6 kilos of TNT explosives.

Where they will detonate two bombs on Sunday in Milan

The military will remove the triggering devices on the spot by means of despolettamento and will transport the neutralized devices to the site where they will be set off, in the green area between via Bruno Buozzi and Giorgio Gaber in Segrate. The operations will be completed in a single day. The containment structures around the bombs have already been built which, in the event of an accidental explosion, reduces the radius of the damage area in the case of the first device found from 826 to 468 meters while in the case of the second device found from 1386 to 447 meters.

The population evacuated to detonate the bombs

“To carry out the clearing in complete safety, the area will therefore be totally evacuated for a radius of 468 meters from the bomb, with consequent blocking of road, rail and air traffic, and prohibition of green areas. The evacuation of the population within the security zone (969 people divided into 415 families) will begin at 7 am on Sunday 10 October and is expected to be completed by 6 pm “, reads the note from the prefecture of Milan.


Sunday detonate bombs full TNT explosives Segrate Milan

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