Milly Carlucci, ‘forced’ to give up her third pregnancy | The sad background

Milly Carlucci in an interview some time ago revealed her desire which she had to give up: to have a third child. Why was she ‘forced’ to give it up?

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The beautiful Milly Carlucci is ready to return with a new edition of dancing with the Stars. In fact, starting from October 16 we will see her as the protagonist of Saturday night on Rai Uno, with many unexpected surprises and a truly surprising cast. There will certainly be twists and turns and certainly the ruthless jury will not spare anyone. One thing is certain: success is guaranteed! In fact, when it comes to Milly, the programs can only go great and always prove to be great satisfactions both in terms of ratings and positive feedback by the audience at home. Her programs are as clean, elegant and flawless as she is, they do not exceed in vulgarity and are not redundant. The ratings are won with the know-how of television and this is not even surprising, she is among the undisputed queens.

But if everything is booming on the work front, the same can be said of private life: she is married to Angelo Donati since 1985 with whom he had two wonderful children: Angelica and Patrick. So why was she ‘forced’ to give up her third child?

Milly Carlucci, the wish of the third child never fulfilled: that’s why

Milly Carlucci has been romantically linked to her husband Angelo Donati for many years. With him she shared many moments, joys and sorrows, aspects of her life and professional career and the wonderful children. In conclusion, they are a winning couple, very united and well-knit and despite many years have passed since the fateful yes, they love each other like the first day.

They never broke up and they never went through crises (at least none made public) even if one was released some time ago fake news who saw them separate. But in fact it was false news which the presenter immediately remedied.

The only ‘regret’ of which Milly Carlucci she was sorry it is the fact of not having been able to give birth to the third child. But why?

“He did not agree”

In an interview some time ago with the weekly Oggi Milly Carlucci told of her desire to become a mother for the third time. However, a desire remained such due to the contrary opinion of her husband Angelo. Here are his words: “I would have liked to have a third child but Angelo, my husband, did not agree“.

The reason? The too much difference in age from the first children and the fact that they would have been more grandparents than parents of this child: “He said that there would be too much gap in age, that we risked being our son’s grandparents“. Despite this regret, the presenter is proud and happy to have a family like hers, surrounded by so much love and affection.

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