Two agents were also injured –

Two agents were also injured –
Two agents were also injured –

An evening of terror also in the emergency room of the Umberto I polyclinic in Rome where a forty demonstrators no green pass ha stormed the department full of patients waiting to be examined to free a stopped who had been taken to hospital for examination after being taken ill. Eventually the budget of a nurse injured in the head with a bottle and two bruised police officers, but it could have been much worse also because, from the stories of the health personnel, also reported by the regional health councilor Alessio d’Amato, it emerged that the thugs gathered inside the polyclinic threatening nurses and causing serious damage and where the medical personnel had to seal the premises to protect patients.

Eventually the group of troublemakers turned to leak in the night and now they are all sought after by the police who are trying to identify them. It all started when the agents accompanied a man stopped off Chigi because he resumed the security cord with the mobile phone. After hiring a violent one scuffle with some policemen the demonstrator was taken to Umberto I to be visited for an alleged person sickness that had hit him. Once inside the ward for you refused to give his personal details and also to undergo Triage and Covid prevention going into a rage e attacking the nurses. Shortly after, the other demonstrators arrived on the spot and started a real raid. The arrested was therefore reported on the loose and subsequently released.

An attack unheard of and intolerable, where doctors and nurses were forced to seal the premises to stem the violent pressure of the demonstrators who arrived by the dozen – underlined D’Amato who on Sunday morning accompanied by the general director of the polyclinic, Fabrizio d ‘Alba and Francesco Pugliese, director of the Dea, visited the emergency room – This morning I wanted to thank our operators and our operators for their courage and dedication. intolerable, already the hands of the health personnel !.

10 October 2021 | 13:20



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