Consorzio Blu Work with us: open positions

Consorzio Blu Work with us: open positions
Consorzio Blu Work with us: open positions

Numerous job opportunities are available at the Consorzio Blu healthcare personnel ed administrative.

The network of cooperatives, in fact, selects nurses, medici, US, employees ed other figures in diverse regions of Italy.

Below we present the open positions and how to apply to the job offers of Consorzio Blu.


The Blue Consortium is a cooperative reality operating in the sector of social and health services and personal assistance. It has its headquarters in Emilia Romagna, with offices in Bologna and Faenza, and consists of 3 cooperatives, Anchor, Areté e On the way. Overall, the Consortium manages 121 centers, including nursing homes for the elderly and disabled, day care centers and home care services. In addition, it also provides services in prisons, hospices, schools and clinics. Its activities are present at facilities located in 9 regions of Italy, i.e. Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Veneto, Tuscany, Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piedmont and Marche. The Consortium counts, overall, on the work of about 3800 people, including members and workers.


During the year, Consorzio Blu look for staff with various profiles for job opportunities in various locations in Italy. The selections are activated to meet the demand for professionalism coming from numerous structures which are part of the Consortium and operate in the field social, welfare e sanitary.

The jobs, available from time to time at the offices and offices of Consorzio Blu, provide for various types of contractual frameworks. The job positions to be covered they can in fact provide for both collaboration contracts a VAT number, which employment relationships, regulated by hiring a fixed term e undetermined. In addition, job offers may require full or part time commitment and, in some cases, provide for jobs organized on shifts, both night and day.


Currently there are many open positions in the Blue Consortium. In particular, there are selections in progress for the following professionals:


  • Nurses for geriatric and nursing homes for the elderly – Milan, Acqualagna (PU), Roveredo in Piano and Sacile (PN), Pordenone, Sarzana (SP), Valmadrera (LC), Bondeno (FE), Carpineti (FE), Faenza (RA) , Vicenza, Valsamoggia (BO), Forlì-Cesena;
  • Nurses for Penitentiary Institute – Rome;
  • Nurse for residential socio-rehabilitation center – Faenza (RA);
  • Nurses for Hospice – Milan;
  • Nurses with qualification obtained abroad – Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Milan and province, Padua, Vicenza;
  • Nurse for Integrated home assistance service – Livorno and province;
  • Nurses for adult disabled day centers – Magnago and Castano Primo (MI);
  • Nurses for social and health structures – Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Ferrara, Padua, Vicenza, Novara;
  • Medici department for geriatric structures – Roveredo in Piano and Sacile (PN), Pordenone, Vimodrome (MI).


  • OSS – Health and Social Workers for structures and nursing homes for the elderly – Roveredo in Piano and Sacile (PN), Pordenone, Bologna;
  • ASA – Social-welfare auxiliaries and / or OSS for RSA – Milan.


  • Educator for RSA – Lonigo (VI).


  • Facility Manager – Faenza (RA);
  • Employee / a for administration office – Faenza (RA);
  • Addetto/a Front e Back Office – Faenza (RA);
  • ASPP – expert technician for prevention and protection service – Faenza (RA);
  • HR Generalist – Bologna;
  • Quality Manager in the health sector – Bologna, Faenza (RA).


On a general level, Consorzio Blu activates staff recruitment to fill jobs in the following business functions:

  • area sanitaria;
  • coordination and administration;
  • assistance, education and animation;
  • kitchen area, cleaning and maintenance;
  • transport;
  • aesthetics, pedicure, hairdresser.

Furthermore, among the most searched profiles the structures of the Consorzio Blu cooperative network include nurses, doctors, psychologists, OSS, animators, educators, physiotherapists, cleaners, cooks and social workers.


Per to recruit the personal to be included in the structures present on the national territory, Consorzio Blu uses the Work with us area of ​​the cooperative Group portal. Here the active searches in the individual services and administrative offices of the Consortium. The section is divided by type of professional / work sector and includes the categories health personnel, coordination figures, care workers, educators / entertainers, kitchen / maintenance, pedicure / beautician / hairdresser, transport, offices / headquarters. By clicking on each category you access the list of figures sought, with the specific description of duties, place of work and any indications on the proposed contract and salaries. The forwarding of candidature happens online, by filling in the appropriate form in which to enter personal data, desired role and to which to attach the CV.


Those interested in the recruitment of Consorzio Blu can consult the page dedicated to the recruitment of personnel (Work with us) on the institution’s website. From here, they can view all open positions at the health services and offices of the cooperative group. To apply, you must fill in the appropriate form form online with the required data and cv.


To stay always informed on new job opportunities, you can keep following us by subscribing to our free newsletter and our Telegram channel for preview news.

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