Rome, official: the season tickets for the 2021-22 season on sale from tomorrow. Info and prices

The Roma kicks off the season ticket campaign 2021-22. Starting from 14€ per game, they are 17 matches included in the subscription (15 Serie A matches, plus the remaining 2 of the Uefa Europa Conference League Group Stage). The sale will begin tomorrow at 11. As stated in the note published by the Giallorossi club, until 11:00 on Thursday 14 October, Serie A 2019-20 season ticket holders will be able to renew their season tickets, confirming their place if available or choosing a new place (also within other sectors). Simultaneously with the pre-emption reserved for Serie A 19-20 season tickets, it will be possible to purchase a new season ticket immediately on free seats. Starting from 12:00 on Thursday 14 October, all seats not confirmed by Subscribers will be released and made available for purchase.


A subscription for a seat in South or North curve costa 235 euro, while for i Yours the request is 315, with reduction to 235 for the Under 25s. The prices for the Tevere Grandstand are higher, ranging from 395 in the North Parterre to 629 in the Top Central area. 689 euros for Monte Mario, South side and Top South, reduced to 485 for Over 65. On the website of the Giallorossi club all the details for promotions and access methods.

The price graphics published on the Roma website


Rome official season tickets season sale tomorrow Info prices

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