Inter: Brozovic, closer renewal. Meeting with father Ivan has been set

First summit between Wednesday and Thursday, the club does not want to go beyond 4 million plus bonuses. Deadline close, but there is confidence

The appointment is there, the desire is common, this contract has to be done. Here we are: Inter and Marcelo Brozovic will meet between Wednesday and Thursday. It will be the first official step: probably not the only one, others will be needed to reach total agreement. But the way you get to the meeting counts, the attitude is positive on both sides. It’s a game to play, but – if you want to explain it with the language of betting – the odds for yes are low. Brozovic, it should be remembered, is due to expire next June: in less than four months he could sign for free for another club, a danger that Inter want to avert.


So here’s the move: the Nerazzurri club has summoned Marcelo’s father, Ivan, who directly follows the interests of his son, even if in the course of work (at least in the signing phase) the 28-year-old player will necessarily be flanked by an agent . Brozovic’s departure request, which has already reached the Nerazzurri’s ears, is a salary of more than five million net, therefore close to 6, including bonuses. Inter, on the other hand, does not want to go too far beyond 4 million, a figure that the player currently touches with bonuses. There is a gap to be bridged and the times are not long, precisely by virtue of the deadline. Inter are confident: they know they have to take an important step, but at the same time they do not feel the risk that the player will be attracted by other clubs to the point of ruining the renewal. Among other things, the desire of the Nerazzurri club to retain the backbone of the group that won the Scudetto only five months ago should be noted. In short, this is the time to reap the rewards. It is for the player, of course, who can monetize the fact that he has come so close to the deadline. But it is also the same for Inter, who want to enjoy the fruits of a work group that has now grown in all senses, even in terms of the habit of winning.


Today’s Brozovic is far from the discontinuous player of a few years ago. And also from what only 16 months ago, with some behaviors over the top, had made him doubt himself, to the point of being one step away from the sale: the exchange with Paredes was much closer to closing than what emerged in those weeks. Inzaghi considers him a central player for his game, moreover without even a valid alternative in the organic as technical characteristics. Its ownership is not in question, do not deceive the substitutions (and reactions). Inter cannot afford to lose him. And, moreover, there is also an economic motivation that supports the reasoning. Because giving up the Croatian today and being forced to turn to the market to replace it would mean putting several million euros on the plate for another director, which today – as confirmed by the words of Beppe Marotta two days ago at the Trento Festival – is not in the plans and ideas of Inter, a company that will make sustainability the North Star of the near future.

October 10 – 10:30 am



Inter Brozovic closer renewal Meeting father Ivan set

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