“With the c …”. Roman salute and vulgarity: the last attack of Fedez

“With the c …”. Roman salute and vulgarity: the last attack of Fedez
“With the c …”. Roman salute and vulgarity: the last attack of Fedez

One more warning for Fedez, this time by the newly elected city councilor in Milan Chiara Valcepina. The exponent of the Brothers of Italy, who the rapper has mistakenly indicated as a Northern League player, was involved in the Fanpage investigation on the so-called lobby nera, broadcast by Piazzapulita, and it is the reason why as a rapper of City life he made fun of Valcepina in some of his social stories. The attitude of Fedez, who is always at the forefront when it comes to attacking right-wingers, annoyed the councilor, who decided to turn to a law firm.

As contemptuous as ever, Fedez decided to publicly read the communication. “Today a new one beware. She came from Valcepina, the one who was unequivocally resumed making the Roman salute together with an openly fascist gentleman, saying ‘greeting Covid’. He also said let’s put a bomb on boats to kill migrants, calling it ‘green politics’“, says the rapper without hiding the irony, mocking the law firm that invited the rapper to delete the contents despite the stories, where Fedez had published the contents, are finished after 24 hours.

Ferragni’s husband continues his reading: “His self-proclamation as the bearer of a morality exclusively his own is peculiar, which among other things would see adequate the vote in favor of a candidate who makes the helicopter with the c … or with the pea and who is able to blow out the candles of a cake election with farts“. An electoral preference that Fedez defends before addressing the councilor directly:”We assume that the Fanpage investigation is not reliable, let’s pretend it isn’t. But what she did on video is unequivocal. I don’t think they put a green screen on her and put a outstretched arm with the Avenger post producer. No, you gave the Roman salute in the company of openly fascist people, who hold conferences and meetings with former far-right terrorists. Did she also have a nostalgic student spirit and why is she offended if someone tells her she is a fascist?

So Fedez, satisfied with his speech, concludes: “She should be proud! Enough with these fascists who take offense at being fascists, be proud fascists and proud of them, you cannot raise your arm and hide your hand. Madam Valcepina, please keep your head held high“. As an appendix to his speech, the singer also felt entitled to offer advice to Chiara Valcepina:”If the fact that people can point to it as fascist it offends her tremendously, in my opinion there is a solution. It is enough for her not to make the Roman salute anymore and even if she stops frequenting the fascists it could be a solution“.


Roman salute vulgarity attack Fedez

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