The worst genocides in history

Accused of antisemitism. The words of the candidate Enrico Michetti they shake the Roman administrative authorities, which see the center-right candidate in the ballot against the center-left candidate Roberto Gualtieri.

The scandal started from an article published on Radio Radio, of which Michetti has long been a columnist. The aspiring mayor of the capital would have argued that the Shoah be commemorated more than other massacres, because the Jews would belong to a “lobby capable of deciding the destinies of the planet“. A phrase that has something creepy and that refers to tradition antisemitic European of the twentieth century.

Michetti accused of anti-Semitism: these are his words

The article signed by Enrico Michetti proposes one of the tesi antisemite and neonaziste more widespread in recent times, but of ancient origins. According to Michetti, in fact, more attention would be paid to the Shoah due to the economic and political power of a “Jewish lobby”. This thesis has its roots in the text of the “Wise Men of Zion”, later discovered a fake, which tells of the intent of the Jews to govern and decide the fate of the planet.

The candidate explained that he does not want to minimize what happened, but the attention would be disproportionate compared to that of other similar episodes.

I wonder why the same pity and the same consideration is not given […] to the mass killings that still bloody the planet? Perhaps because they did not own banks and did not belong to lobbies capable of deciding the fate of the planet.

Certainly phrases that make part of the electorate and other candidates shiver. Calenda himself, after having condemned such sentences, openly declared to support Gualtieri. Perhaps even more gruesome is the concluding sentence of the same article, written in February 2020: “if you are not the bearer of any direct or indirect interest in the cynical do-gooder you are not worthy of protection”.

The worst genocides in history

Many have been the genocides committed by the human being, some of these are considered i worst in history. Not to forget which ones are urgent to remember some of the bloodiest.

  • Shoah. One cannot fail to mention the systematic extermination that shocked the whole world. It is estimated that 6 million Jews lost their lives because they were “enemies of the nation”.
  • The extermination of the Native Americans. It is estimated that i conquerors have exterminated 8 million natives. The biggest genocide in history unfortunately it is at the origin of one of the most celebrated moments in history: the discovery of America.
  • The Rwanda genocide. Happened only a few years ago. Millions were killed with machetes just for ethnic difference
  • Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire which considered the Armenians “enemies of the fatherland”.
  • Black Holocaust. With this term African Americans indicate the deportation of 10 million slaves from Africa to the Americas aboard slave laborers. On these ships, massed and chained, hundreds of thousands of Africans died.

The list of genocides and exterminations is still long, one of the latest is what is happening in Xijiang, a region of China where thousands of Uighurs are at risk of dying in labor camps.

Why should we remember the Shoah?

Not only 6 million Jews died in the concentration camps, but also 3,300,000 Soviet prisoners of war, 1 million political opponents, 500,000 Roma gypsies, about 9,000 homosexuals, 2,250 Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as 270,000 disabled and sick deaths of mind. Faced with these deaths was the historian Mirco Dondi to answer for the because it is necessary to remember.

Only in part the annihilation in the Nazi concentration camps is a unique experience. In fact, Dondi recalled that the policy of extermination in the twentieth century neither “began nor ended with Auschwitz”.

The Nazi one, however, remains one of the bloodiest and most planned. Indeed, Nazism he sacrificed war targets in order to continue killing in the fields. What is striking is that the basis of every extermination policy is theabsence of democracy, drift nationalist e racial. According to the historian, this is what must be remembered: the conditions under which genocides still occur today. He does not remember only the Shoah ma all genocides to keep them from happening again.

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