“What face of c …”. The gag with Rudy Zerbi ends badly

“What face of c …”. The gag with Rudy Zerbi ends badly
“What face of c …”. The gag with Rudy Zerbi ends badly

In the last episode of You are worth it, the Saturday night show of Canale Cinque, Rudy Zerbi he fell victim to a very well orchestrated joke. In the studio, the judges decided to test the bizarre invention of Noli, a 60-year-old Filipino, who proposed his wc of the future by voice commands, but in reality it was all a hoax.

The idea was surreal but no one thought that there could be a real joke behind it. So Sabrina Ferilli lent herself to the game. The president of the popular jury was the first to test I-WC, criticizing some dysfunctions of the technological innovation conceived by Noli. After trying some voice commands and joking about the malfunction of the lid, however, the actress backed down. At the suggestion of the inventor to sit on the toilet neither Ferilli nor Maria De Filippi agreed to test it and the competitor asked for the help of Rudy Zerbi.

Unlike her colleagues, the music producer did not hold back, agreeing to sit on the I-WC to test its functionality. But the irony of Gerry Scotti immediately hit and sank him: “Rudy did you notice how the faces from c … he recognizes them right away. Everybody take a picture of Zerbi “. Laughter in the studio didn’t stop the performance and the teacher from Friends he asked the toilet to open to allow him to sit down. Once he got down, however, Rudy Zerbi he jumped to his feet screaming: “The tablet burns!“.

The heated tablet, however, was one of the innovations of I-WC, such as the selection of music tracks that can be requested via voice command to enjoy the music during their moments in the bathroom. Rudy Zerbi took the test, but once he got up to have the technological toilet perform the command of the water, he was the victim of joke. A bucket of cold water from the ceiling literally overwhelmed him. A real cold shower, which initially left him speechless, only to let him vent once he returned to his post with the other judges: “Cursed. It will also be Futuro but it is also a shower, all together. Look at the microphone“. In addition to injury, also insult, since Rudy Zerbi ended up a victim of jokes andirony of colleagues Teo Mammucari and Gerry Scotti, who did not spare him sarcastic digs.


face gag Rudy Zerbi ends badly

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