Jared Leto involved in the No Green Pass parade in Rome, what happened


The American actor and singer found himself in the midst of the Roman scuffles of last October 9, here is his story on Instagram

Published on 9 October 2021

Believe it or not this afternoon, October 9, was also there Jared Leto in the midst of the riots that have upset the capital. In spite of itself, a few hours ago Rome found itself on its streets hundreds of angry protesters against the rules of the Green Pass, mandatory starting from October 15 for many working categories. Among the most tense moments there was in particular the attack by a group of participants at the CGIL headquarters near Villa Borghese. While the agents guarded the entrance, those present tried to break into the union building. But that’s not all, unfortunately.

In fact, there was also another much more problematic front, and that’s exactly where Jared Leto found himself in the middle, in spite of himself. Parallel to the attack on the CGL there was also an assault on Palazzo Chigi. To try to contain the violence, the police launched paper and tear gas bombs which also hit Leto.

Jared Leto, in these hours in Rome, probably never expected to end up involved in such a situation. The actor was on the street and, at any moment, he ended up in the midst of the rioters, obviously without wanting to. The artist told the absurd story via Instagram Stories, immediately spurting to the top at trending Italian topics on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the tear gas also hit the actor, who nevertheless did not give up and decided to continue the evening by documenting everything that was happening. In his numerous Stories we witness the charges of the police against the demonstrators, the clashes with the police and we also see a man seriously injured in the head. Below you will find one of the contents uploaded by Leto.

The singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, among other things, he was a welcome guest of our country (and of the capital in particular) even a few months ago. Jared Leto is in fact one of the protagonists of the film House of Gucci by Ridley Scott, shot entirely in Italy, where he plays the role of Paolo Gucci, cousin of Maurizio and vice president of the famous fashion house.

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