Do you know what educational qualification Fabio Fazio has? The unexpected truth

Fabio Fazio is back. After the traditional summer break, the Ligurian conductor has returned to the helm station to start the new edition of Che Tempo Che Fa. Another season with great guests awaits him to continue a career of almost forty years. His debut in Rai in the early 80s, when he had not yet finished his studies. Do you know what his qualification is? You will never imagine it.

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Sunday 3 October was the date of his return. Fabio Fazio kicked off the 19 edition of What’s the weather like, the most popular talk show and, above all, the richest in qualitative content on our television. Whatever some hypercritical detractors may say, it is indisputable that in the span of almost twenty years the greatest names in entertainment, culture and science have passed on that stage.

1982 was the year that saw a very young Fabio Fazio start taking his first steps in Rai. Radio debut with the broadcast Black out, 1982, with a heartfelt thanks to that extraordinary discoverer of talents who responds to the name of Bruno Voglino, while his first television appearance was next to the big one Raffaella Carrà, in Hello Raffaella, we are in 1983 and he has just graduated. But what is the qualification of the Ligurian conductor?

Fabio Fazio, the incredible qualification

Per Fabio Fazio 1993 was the moment of the big leap. In fact, he wrote and conducted a program that has already entered the history of Italian television for its originality and satisfaction, Those who football. The matches of the football championship as a pretext to touch on many other topics, where, however, the smile, intelligence, good taste and irony have always played a predominant role. His conduct of the program lasted eight years.

Other conductors took turns leading the program, often introducing questionable changes that never brought the desired results and ratings to previous levels. In 2010 he led together with the writer Roberto Saviano, Come away with me on Rai 3, another broadcast that has garnered great ratings and acclaim,

The young student has now given way to the professional conductor. And your qualification?

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As soon as he graduated, Fabio Fazio began his television career, but still enrolled at the University of Genoa. A discipline fascinates him a lot and he wants to study it well, perhaps because he already has a thesis in his head on a topic that has always fascinated him. Also in this fascinating adventure he found the greatest success.

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And here came the longed for and much desired Degree in Literature and Philosophy, with a thesis with a thesis on the literary elements in the texts of Italian songwriters, his great passion, which he then developed and deepened through the participation of the greatest artists in his broadcasts.

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