“Jorginho deserves the Golden Ball”

TORINO – “Jorginho deserves the Golden Ball, he has won everything and deserves it amply. The opposite would seem strange to me. The many Italians in the running? They are there because they are good, not because of me“. On the eve of Italy-Belgium, the final for the third and fourth place of the Nations League, the coach of the national team Roberto Mancini spoke at the press conference expressing their preferences on the next winner of the prestigious France Football award, which will be awarded in Paris on 29 November. On the match scheduled at the Allianz Stadium in Turin: “Trying someone new means giving a few other players a chance to prove their worth. It is important, also because some owners may be missing. There may be variations on the game, if we win we can score points in the ranking in view of the draw for the World Cup in Qatar. We have embarked on a beautiful path, we must continue to improve. Children can play for another 5/6 years. I was very proud of the match against Spain, in ten it could have ended even four or five to zero. We conceded the minimum and also scored. I am very happy with what we have done so far“.

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Mancini supports Jorginho: “He deserves the Golden Ball”

Mancini on the false nueve: “Chiesa and Insigne are attackers”

Experimental Belgium? No, we must first look at the physical conditions of several players. We will certainly change something, Belgium are first in the ranking and therefore will have no problems with the draw, while we must win. The false new without Immobile and Belotti? This is not a big problem. In the first half the team was playing well, they had a couple of chances to score. You sometimes talk about the fake nine, but Insigne and Chiesa are attackers, they are not defensive players. The team plays and attacks, then when there were 10 of us left, everything changed. It is clear that you have to give them some possession, but you also have to respect the qualities of your opponents“.

Mancini: “Raspadori plays, Jorginho let’s see …”

Breakers? I would have shown it also at San Siro but there were 10 of us left. Tomorrow will have a chance to play … But we must also think that he is a young boy will have a great future, but we can’t give him all the responsibility. Does Jorginho play? We will see it tomorrow, we must evaluate everyone’s condition and have respect for their physical condition. We will decide in the morning“. On the Pandora Papers case:”Maybe tomorrow I won’t be on the bench, but carrying the money who knows where … (laughs, editor’s note) “. The FIGC communication manager then intervenes:”Here, on the eve of such an important challenge, it is right to speak only of football“.

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The national team trains to face Belgium


Jorginho deserves Golden Ball

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