“False 9? This is not a problem, we will certainly change something”

Roberto Mancini, coach of the national team, spoke at the press conference in the pre Italy-Belgium of Nations League. Here are his statements reported by TMW’s Raimondo De Magistris:

Five Italian players candidates for the Golden Ball. Who would you vote for?
“They are there because they are good, not because of me. Jorginho must win the Ballon d’Or for me, he has won everything and he deserves it amply. It would seem strange to me the opposite.”

Will you try something new tomorrow?
“Trying someone new means giving some other players the opportunity to prove their worth. It is important, also because some starters may be missing. Furthermore, tomorrow’s race is also important to consolidate our position in the ranking.”

What do you promise the players and fans for the next three years?
“We have embarked on a beautiful path and we must continue on this path. We have young boys who can play together for another 5-6 years. I was very proud the other night of what they did, both in the first half and in the second half: to play with Spain in 10 is the worst thing, but we managed to be compact and score goals. There was the risk of losing 4 / 5-0 and instead they were very good. “

An experimental Belgium is expected. Will this change anything for you?
“No, we must first of all look at the physical conditions of several players. We will certainly change something, Belgium is first in the ranking and therefore will have no problems for the World draw, while we must win.”

Is it right to insist on the fake nine when Belotti and Immobile are missing?
“This is not a big problem. In the first half the team was playing well, they had a couple of chances to score. You sometimes talk about the fake nine, but Insigne and Chiesa are attackers, they are not defensive players. The team plays. and attacks, then when there were 10 of us, everything changed. It is clear that you have to give them some possession, but you also have to respect the qualities of your opponents. “

Will Raspadori show us tomorrow?
“I would have shown him at San Siro too but we remained in 10. Tomorrow he will have the opportunity to play … but we must also think that he is a young boy, he will have a great future but we cannot give him all the responsibilities” .

Does Jorginho play tomorrow?
We will see it tomorrow, we must evaluate everyone’s conditions and have respect for the physical conditions. We will decide in the morning. “

Can you comment on what has been released about the Pandora Papers?
“Maybe I don’t know if tomorrow I’ll be on the bench or to bring the money who knows where … (laughs)”. The FIGC communications manager spoke: “Here, on the eve of such an important challenge, it is right to speak only of football”.

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