underestimated risk, soft line flop. Few agents in Piazza del Popolo

underestimated risk, soft line flop. Few agents in Piazza del Popolo
underestimated risk, soft line flop. Few agents in Piazza del Popolo

In the middle of yesterday afternoon, when ten thousand people are in Piazza del Popolo, what was only a perception of risk becomes a reality: too few law enforcement officers deployed, while Giuliano Castellino, leader of New strength, a curriculum with many arrests, three Daspos and an infinite number of crimes, agitates the square. It will take hours to restore order and in the middle there ends the CGIL, with an assault on the headquarters in Corso d’Italia, and a dangerous sit-in a stone’s throw from Palazzo Chigi. Something did not go the right way, and in the Palaces of politics they are thinking about a possible underestimation.

The furious assault on the CGIL, devastated the headquarters of the union

Rome, chaos in an instant

What happened yesterday afternoon recalls the mega rave party organized illegally in the Viterbo area, when thousands of rowdy people were allowed to gather, drink, get intoxicated, dance without thinking at all about Covid and the rules to be respected, for whole days. It was preferred not to evacuate and let the demonstration end by itself. Almost for fear of the possible effects on public order. Yesterday, the scene was repeated, and so a few hundred right-wing extremists, almost all belonging to Forza Nuova, managed to mix with mothers with strollers, unvaccinated workers who, in view of 15 October, the date on which the Green pass will become mandatory, they are trying to put pressure on the government. And in an instant it was chaos.

Madness No Green pass, hours of clashes in Rome. Paper bombs in front of Palazzo Chigi, used hydrants

No Green pass in Rome, the Center under siege: crazy traffic, broken windows and stopped

The strategy

Why was a demonstration of this magnitude not intercepted? And why the police have not been able to “close” the violent in Piazza del Popolo? At the Viminale, the prevailing line is the same as always: «There were children, families, people demonstrating peacefully, how could we have intervened more heavily? Was it better to contain them or load them? ». Moreover – they explain – “the repeated charges of lightening and containment prevented the demonstrators from reaching the buildings of the institutions, and also allowed the peaceful demonstrators to express their dissent”. It must also be said that the concern to circulate images in which agents trunked people must have weighed on the choice of a “soft” line. And, in the end, the little interventionist decision facilitated the assaults by Castellino and associates who made it as masters, especially when they managed to get to the headquarters of the CGIL.

After the flop of the demonstration organized in front of the stations on the days when the Green pass became mandatory on trains, the protest agitators prepared the blitz by passing information on Telegram channels. They have chosen targets to hit, trying to get to the Rai headquarters in recent weeks and yesterday to the CGIL. And now the Interior Ministry admits that they are worried, because October 15 is near and the reactions of those who protest could continue to grow. Furthermore, right-wing extremists who fuel dissent have shown that their action has become unpredictable and could strike anywhere. Not to mention that there are eight million unvaccinated people and that, among them, others could decide to join the guerrillas.

No Green pass in Rome, the Center under siege: crazy traffic, broken windows and stopped

The intervention

In the evening, however, to reiterate the choice of the line to be held in the square and to show solidarity with the police, Minister Lamorgese thought about it. “I express my solidarity with the police forces who, in a difficult day for public order, have acted with balance and professionalism to face intolerable acts of violence even against institutional offices – he declared -. I telephoned the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, to whom I expressed my closeness for the very serious assault on the headquarters of his union. I hope that all political forces will express firm and unconditional condemnation against inadmissible violent demonstrations which, due to their disturbing subversive charge, have nothing to do with the legitimate expression of dissent ».


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