In memory of Amos Luzzatto, with the presentation of the book Il posto degli jews

Milano – Monday 11 October 2021 at 17.30 on National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan hosts a memory of Amos Luzzatto (1928-2020), one of the leading experts in the texts of the Jewish tradition, with the presentation of the book The place of the Jews. Free admission subject to availability.

Milano – Who are the Jews? And “what” are they? A people, a religion, a nation, an ethnic group? After thousands of years, answering these questions is still difficult but decisive today. Because the Jews have been praised, admired and exalted, but also hated, detested and accused of all the evil in the world.

Milano – Amos Luzzatto, a historical figure of Italian Judaism, tries to answer these “impossible” questions without schematism, but suggesting other questions that enrich the reflection and leave one fascinated. This is how the big one unfolds geographic, cultural and social map of Judaism, from Jerusalem to Rome, from Eastern Europe to America; Biblical traditions and the infinite branches of the diaspora flow before the eyes of the reader; the rules, the rites, the traditions of the communities scattered around the world come to life.

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