Prosecco already at breakfast: Montelvini’s idea that is now trendy in Milan

Prosecco already at breakfast: Montelvini’s idea that is now trendy in Milan
Prosecco already at breakfast: Montelvini’s idea that is now trendy in Milan

TREVISO. The toasted polenta from the night before, dipped in morning milk. Who would have thought that grandparents’ breakfast would one day become a dessert by starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo. Yet it happened. That dessert has long delighted the customers of the Le Calandre restaurant, the Olympus of Italian cuisine. Now there is another fold of the Venetian people who are conquering the premises cool e posh of Milan: the cult of drinking. But it is not spritz O the aperitif, which would be too easy and even offensive in the capital of drinks, but breakfast. Yes, Prosecco for breakfast.

It seems that the “Milan wine week” this novelty is driving industry insiders crazy, ready to launch it as a new trend in post-pandemic turbo-recovery. And in the meantime Andrea Pennacchi, the Pojana, come on Twitter he laughs a lot: “New trend?”. As if to say, you know what’s new to drink Prosecco for breakfast: everyone does it between bell towers and warehouses.

But this time this practice embodied in the prototype of the Venetian drunkard has made its way into the world of fashion and influence. Metropolitan trends, Treviso soul. It is the Montelvini company from Asolo to launch the effective slogan Prosecco for Breakfast. And now save those who can.

«The idea was born this summer, when there were reopening» reveals Alberto Serena, CEO of the Asolo winery. «I was at the seaside in Jesolo and there I realized that the consumption of Prosecco has gone beyond the aperitif and dinner scheme. I saw people with glasses in hand at 9.30 in the morning. Perhaps it is a way of gratifying oneself, after a year and a half of sacrifices ».

So Serena sees this scene of people with glass in hand as soon as she wakes up and starts fantasizing. He returns home and talks about it with his father Armando, president of the wine and spirits spirits group of Assindustria Venetocentro, and also with his sister Sarah, the general manager of the company.

«As we travel, it happens more and more often to see bottles of sparkling wine in hotel buffets that go well with eggs and French toast» explains Armando Serena. “We believe that our Prosecco is much more suitable due to the characteristics of accessibility and lightness”.

Bubbles next to the cup of coffee, glass and croissants and, why not, even a toast at dawn. The new paradigm of Italian breakfast has conquered the Milano-da-bere in record time. A total strike that sector magazines and specialized sites are already talking about.

A marketing operation packaged properly thanks to chef Daniel Canzian, a Coneglianese doc transplanted to Milan, who bows tables properly prepared with tartare, scallops and art gallery voulevant. And in the center he, the Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg Brut Millesimato 2020, the cornerstone of a worldwide success that speaks Veneto. Brunch in Brera was already widely colonized, now even breakfasts. At those latitudes it seems like science fiction, an absolute novelty.

They ignore the fact that in Veneto, in the worst suburban sports bars, there are also those who have breakfast with China Martini and sparkling water.

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