Clashes no Green Pass in Rome, Draghi condemns the violence: “Go ahead with the vaccines”

Clashes no Green Pass in Rome, Draghi condemns the violence: “Go ahead with the vaccines”
Clashes no Green Pass in Rome, Draghi condemns the violence: “Go ahead with the vaccines”

The Prime Minister in a note after the tensions in the capital and the assault on the CGIL headquarters: “The right to express one’s ideas can never degenerate into acts of aggression”. Mattarella telephones Landini. The union secretary: “It is an act of fascist squads”. Solidarity also from the parties and the presidents of the Chamber and Senate

After the clashes between police and No Green Pass protesters in Rome (PHOTO – VIDEO), where the CGIL headquarters was also attacked, Prime Minister Mario Draghi “condemns the violence that took place today in various Italian cities – reads in a note from Palazzo Chigi – The right to express one’s ideas can never degenerate into acts of aggression and intimidation “. And, it is underlined, the government “continues its commitment to complete the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 and thanks the millions of Italians who have already joined with conviction and civic sense”. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella phoned the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini to express solidarity with him after the attack.

Landini: “Act of fascist squads”

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Even Draghi, announced Palazzo Chigi, phoned the General Secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, to express full solidarity to him and to the whole union: “Trade unions are a fundamental defense of democracy and workers’ rights – reads the note – Any intimidation against them is unacceptable and must be rejected with absolute firmness “. “The assault on the headquarters of the national CGIL is an act of fascist squads – says Landini – An attack on democracy and on the whole world of work that we intend to reject. Nobody thinks of bringing our country back to the Fascist period”. “Tomorrow morning at 10, in front of the CGIL headquarters, – adds the leader of the union – the general assembly of the Confederation is urgently called to decide on all the necessary initiatives”.

The solidarity of Casellati and Fico

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No Green Pass, demonstrations in Rome: clashes with the police. PHOTO

“I strongly condemn the violence that has taken place today in some Italian cities – says the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati – It is unacceptable that the legitimate expression of one’s ideas can lead to aggression and acts of intolerance of any kind. I express all my solidarity. to the police and the CGIL “. “Expressing one’s opinions and demonstrating peacefully is legitimate, using violence instead is not – remarked the Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico – The squad demonstrations of these minutes in the center of Rome are unacceptable and must be strongly condemned. I also want to give my closeness and of Montecitorio to the CGIL for the intimidations suffered and the acts of violence “.

Hope: “Squadism unacceptable”

Words similar to those of Health Minister Roberto Speranza: “What happened during the demonstration in Rome is unacceptable squadism. I express my solidarity with the CGIL and the police for today’s violence”.

Lamorgese: “Disturbing subversive charge”

The police forces “acted with balance and professionalism” in a difficult day in which there were “intolerable acts of violence even against institutional offices” in which there was a “disturbing subversive charge”, comments the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese.

Letta: “Squad attacks against the CGIL”

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“Solidarity with the CGIL and the police for today’s squad attacks. What is happening is unacceptable. The whole country responds together to these intolerable degenerations”, writes the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, on Twitter. He then adds: “I called Maurizio Landini to express all our indignation and our complete solidarity with the CGIL. We must react immediately, we must not leave any space for fascist violence: it is time to dissolve Forza Nuova”.

Conte: “Disturbing violent drifts”

“The violent drifts of the demonstration in Rome against the green pass are really very worrying – comments the M5S leader Giuseppe Conte on Twitter – Clashes with the police, blocked roads and even the assault on the CGIL headquarters. Today’s in Rome is the page of a dangerous and violent squad. Demonstrating one’s dissent is legitimate, having doubts and fears understandable, using violence is unacceptable “.

Di Maio: “They are not protesters, they are criminals”

“These are not protesters, they are criminals – comments M5S Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio – Maximum proximity to the Police. Enough with this unprecedented violence, enough to exploit vaccines and the green pass: they are saving lives and avoiding new closures . There is no joking with the health of citizens. Politics condemns, without ifs and buts. There must be no doubts: life is a precious thing “.

Salvini: “Let’s not confuse violence with reasonable requests”

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From the center-right also the words of Lega leader Matteo Salvini: “Violence is never justified, it is never the solution. Let’s not confuse the violence of a few criminals with the reasonable requests of those who want to protect health, rights, freedom and work”. Then he adds: “Solidarity with the CGIL for the attack suffered, I am close to male and female workers who peacefully defend their rights and freedoms”. Sources of the League: Lamorgese must resign, Italy in chaos and law enforcement agencies in difficulty due to his total incapacity.

Meloni: “Solidarity with Landini and those who took to the streets obscured by criminals”

“Those of the violence seen today in Rome are shameful images – says also the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni – I express my total closeness to the police and full solidarity with the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini. Solidarity even in the thousands. of demonstrators who took to the streets to legitimately protest against the government’s measures and of which no one will speak because of criminals who use every pretext to carry out serious and unacceptable violence “. Then he attacks: “I hope that those responsible will be identified and punished. Finally, the total lack of control and prevention on the part of the Ministry of the Interior is shocked. A bad management that once again confirms the inadequacy of the Lamorgese Interior Minister” .

Tajani: “Those responsible are identified as soon as possible”

“There is no space in our country for the violent NoGreenPass – says the national coordinator of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani – What is happening at the moment in Rome is unacceptable. Law enforcement officers attacked, paper bombs thrown in the center. I hope that those responsible will be identified as soon as possible ”.

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