trains, metro, buses at risk

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09 October 2021 16:45


Monday 11 October, due to the strike, will be a day at risk for all transport in Milan and Italy: trains, metro, buses and trams could jump due to the demonstrations. Everything will depend on the adhesion of the workers.

The trade unions of public transport Cub Trasporti, Usb private work Lombardia, Sgb, Al Cobas and Sol Cobas have proclaimed a 24-hour national general strike of all public and private sectors.

The timetables of the metro and bus strike in Milan

As for the ATM lines in Milan, the staff agitation of the surface and underground lines is expected from 8.45 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm at the end of the service.

The timetables of the metro and ATM bus strike

The greatest inconveniences, as always, could occur in the world of transport. Airline employees can stop for all 24 hours on 11 October, while the highways will be at risk from 10pm Sunday to 10pm Monday. The strike of local public transport – metro, buses and Atm trams in Milan – will last “24 hours but with territorial modalities”. Possible chaos, inevitably, also for public offices, with a particular eye on schools.

The timetables of the train strike

The potential blockade of the railway sector – Trenitalia, Italo and Trenord in Lombardy – can instead take place from 9 pm on 10 October until 9 pm the following day, with the companies that have already communicated the times of possible stops.

The timetables of the train strike

The reasons for the protest

The protest is directed “against the policies of the Draghi government and the European Union which unload the crisis on the shoulders of male and female workers to the exclusive advantage of the bosses and financial power”. Individual trade union organizations detailed the reasons for the strike in different ways. Among these: the opposition to all layoffs, the introduction of the green pass, the fight against discrimination and precariousness and the request for a guarantee of income and safety at work.

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trains metro buses risk

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