the track has been redone, after a week the …

the track has been redone, after a week the …
the track has been redone, after a week the …

The Valerio Catullo airport of Verona-Villafranca reopened (but with the unknown factor of the possible strike on Monday), after a week of closure for works that involved in particular the reconstruction of a large section of the paving of the runway and of some fittings, including road markings and light fixtures.

As a note from the airport explains, about 12,000 cubic meters of asphalt have been spread over an area of ​​over 150,000 square meters, with the use of 500 work vehicles and the use of over 600 people, including workers and technicians. About 100 km of electric cables and 12 km of optical fiber were also laid. The more than 600 AVL (light visual aids) of the flight infrastructures have been switched from halogen to LED light. Shopping was about 10 million euros, made possible by the recent increase in share capital of 35 million euros, and “is part of the broader development plan of the airport presented to the shareholders”, which currently includes the expansion of the terminal (Romeo Project). in progress.

From 9 to 19 October, further last works connected to the construction site will be carried out exclusively during the night.

To inaugurate the resumption of operations, the flight departing for Lampedusa this morning, at 06:05.


Paolo Arena, President of Catullo: «These are the tangible effects of the decision of Catullo’s shareholders to join the capital increase, demonstrating that they believe in this fundamental infrastructure for the mobility and economy of the territory».

Monica Scarpa, CEO of Catullo: “Like the whole air transport sector, Catullo also suffered greatly from the consequences of the pandemic, but the traffic data from January to September underline the resilience of our airport which, in the period , has recovered 40% of the traffic of the same period in 2019, compared to a national average of 35% recovery ».


track redone week

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