No Green pass and clashes in Rome, CGIL headquarters invaded. Draghi: “The democratic garrison union”. Landini: “Fascist squads”.

No Green pass and clashes in Rome, CGIL headquarters invaded. Draghi: “The democratic garrison union”. Landini: “Fascist squads”.
No Green pass and clashes in Rome, CGIL headquarters invaded. Draghi: “The democratic garrison union”. Landini: “Fascist squads”.

The condemnation is unanimous. But not for Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. From the Democratic Party to Forza Italia, everyone uses harsh words against the Green Pass protesters responsible for the clashes during the demonstration this afternoon in Rome. An unauthorized procession, which was joined by many members of Forza Nuova, which between charges and clashes with the police (who fired tear gas and water from hydrants to disperse the violent) arrived close to Palazzo Chigi, in the historic center of Rome. After having occupied the headquarters of the CGIL. “An act of fascist squadism”, says the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini. “An attack on democracy and the whole world of work that we intend to reject – continues Nobody thinks of returning our country to the fascist period”. For this reason, Landini has urgently called the general assembly of the Confederation for tomorrow morning at 10. And in the evening the premier Mario Draghi he called the union leader “to express to him and to the whole union the full solidarity of the government for the assault that took place today on the Rome office”, explains Palazzo Chigi. Thus a note from Palazzo Chigi. “The trade unions – continues the note – are a fundamental defense of democracy and workers’ rights. Any intimidation against them is unacceptable and must be rejected with absolute firmness”.

Meanwhile, the condemnation of the parties also arrives. “The Democratic Party asks all the majority and opposition forces of the republican order to express the most firm and absolute condemnation of what happened”, the appeal of Enrico Borghi of the national secretariat of the Democratic Party.

And the position of the exponents arrives immediately. All, except the parties of Salvini and Meloni. At least at the moment. “Expressing one’s opinions and demonstrating peacefully is legitimate, but using violence is not”, warns the Speaker of the House Roberto I am. “The fascists hiding behind the No Vax have committed unacceptable violence,” he says Teresa Bellanova of Italy alive. And from Forza Italia Antonio Tajani condemns: “In our country there is no room for the violent No Green pass”.

No Green Pass demonstration, 10,000 protest. Clashes and charges against the police. Forza Nuova: “Tonight we’ll take Rome”

by Luca Monaco

09 October 2021

“They hide behind false slogans of freedom and then they pour into the streets vandalizing, charging the police, setting up a real guerrilla. One word: shame”, attacks the dem Andrea Marcucci. And the leaders of the Democratic Party in the Senate and in the Chamber, Simona Malpezzi e Debora Serracchiani, they add: “What is happening in Rome is very serious: an alarming attack against the police and some institutional offices. A violent protest against one of the tools that allowed us to restart the country safely. Italy – they conclude – it does not need irresponsible behavior and no form of violence is tolerable “.

The 5 Star Movement also takes a stand. “What happened today in Rome has nothing to do with the manifestation of dissent against the green certificate. These are pure and simple episodes of violence that must be condemned without any kind of hesitation”, observes the group leader grillino in the Chamber. Davide Crippa. “We were forced to witness – he explains – an intolerable situation caused by elements of the extreme right who have unleashed a real guerrilla”.

And while the words of Stefano Fassina, which speaks of an “unacceptable tolerance of the neo-fascists and their violence” by the No Green pass demonstrators, among the dem Francesco Boccia highlights the silence of the right. “Lega, Fdi and their regional presidents distance themselves from the No Green pass and the No Vax – he says – and the leaders of the two right-wing parties stop fueling the ideological clash over vaccines and Green passes”.

Mandatory Green Pass at work, Salvini: “Extend it from 48 to 72 hours”. Even the Regions in alarm: “So I risk chaos”

09 October 2021

But the majority parties express concern not only for the violence of the demonstrators, but also for the occupation of the headquarters of the CGIL in Rome by the No Green Pass. “The assault on the CGIL is a shame not of other times. These days! We can no longer sleep. The state must react and democratic public opinion must mobilize”, he says PierLuigi Bersani of LeU. From the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni He attacks: “It’s been 100 years since they attacked people’s houses or trade union offices. Now they try again, but they won’t pass. Fascist squads are immediately put in a position not to harm by the institutions of the Republic, born of the Resistance”. And while Ettore Rosato, president of Italia viva, defines violence as “a shame”, the candidate of the Democratic Party in Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, speaks of an “unacceptable guerrilla”.

Rome, clashes at the no Green Pass march: the demonstrators occupy the headquarters of the CGIL

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