Michetti wants Bertolaso ​​as commissioner in Rome

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09 October 2021 12:31


Enrico Michetti “calls” Guido Bertolaso. The center-right mayoral candidate would like to entrust the former head of the Civil Protection, the one that Lega and Forza Italia have courted for months to be a candidate for mayor of Rome, “A commissioner role to help solve the problems of the city”. Michetti remembers the same role as Bertolaso ​​in the Berlusconi government for the waste emergency in Naples and with the mayor Rutelli and the Prodi government to organize the 2000 Jubilee.

Michetti wants Bertolaso ​​as commissioner in Rome

“There are two open problems even today in the capital which, moreover, is on the verge of a waste emergency and must organize the Jubilee of 2025. I am ready to propose the name of Bertolaso ​​to the Government for an institutional position of this type” – said Michetti.

Bertolaso ​​wants to reopen Malagrotta and says yes to the Rome incinerator

In recent days Guido Bertolaso ​​had expressed himself across the board on the waste management in Rome declaring himself in favor of possible reopening of the Malagrotta landfill and the construction of an incinerator “in the north-eastern quadrant of the capital, where there is an airport where three flights a day land”. The former head of the Civil Protection, also indicated by Carlo Calenda as his deputy if he had won at the Municipality, did not even hide his regret for the times in which “he” was there, or Manlio Cerroni, the King of Monnezza “because he kept Rome clean”.

The poll that crowned Bertolaso ​​mayor

So Michetti plays the Bertolaso ​​card. After the controversy over the far-right traction of the coalition that supports him, the mayoral candidate is chasing the votes of the moderates and of those Romans who in an old poll for 44% would have voted the man proposed by Berlusconi as mayor of Rome.


Michetti Bertolaso commissioner Rome

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