“With the end of smart working in the public sector, GDP will rise to 6.3%”

“With the end of smart working in the public sector, GDP will rise to 6.3%”
“With the end of smart working in the public sector, GDP will rise to 6.3%”

It’s a Renato Brunetta particularly optimistic, the one who connected this morning with the Forum in Masseria still underway in Manduria, in the province of Taranto. The current minister of public administration said he was convinced that the country’s economic growth will exceed the rosiest expectations, even going beyond the forecasts made in recent months.

“This year Italy will grow at 6 percent or more”, Brunetta told the participants of the Forum. Not only will it go towards the data anticipated by the estimates of growth, but there will be the possibility of overcoming them, at least in the opinion of Brunetta himself, with beneficial effects that will also be felt in 2022: “This year it will not be 6 percent but more: 6.2-6.3 percent. And this year’s dragging will have repercussions on the next and will be important”. The minister believes he can make a personal forecast for the coming year: “There will in fact be a positive drag in 2022. There is likely to be a positive surprise around 5 percent, not the estimated 4.5 percent. The total is therefore 11 percent, 2 points more than what we lost. due to Covid “.

Brunetta’s enthusiasm also extends to embrace the Green Pass obligation imposed on workers by the government starting next October 15: “Next Friday will be D-Day with Green Pass for the whole world of work and the return in the presence of the entire public administration after smart working “. The holder of the Department of Public Administration is convinced that the economic revival of the country will pass from this obligation: “An economic policy maneuver is underway linked to the reopening, to the full potential of the world of work in safety. The Green Pass is not a health policy intervention but an economic one”.

Green Pass as the engine of economic revival, therefore, this is the certainty of the Minister of Forza Italia:“We will have all the potential for growth, work, mobility starting from Friday next week. These latest behaviors of the return to normal will ensure that many parts of our cities will begin to live again”adds Brunetta. “Let’s think, for example, of Rome, of the EUR, half empty because public employees no longer attended ministries. Metropolitan cities, on the other hand, are now starting to live again to the full. This means consumption, efficiency and productivity. Consumption means income “.

This would be enough to restart the whole country, according to what the minister reported:“This is why in the last quarter of 2021 we expect a boom of over 6 percent. We expect a boom within a boom for large retailers, restaurants, the urban service sector.” Optimism that extends until next Christmas, with consumption that will increase: “We are sailing on a wave of very high performance and the return to consumption is not a lockdown but more opulent, with the affirmation of excellence, value, the quality chain”, conclude.

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