LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS-ALESSANDRIA 2-1, good indications for Allegri from Kaio Jorge and Arthur

90 ‘+ 4 – It ends here !! Juventus beat Alexandria 2-1 in a friendly thanks to goals from Maressa and Chibozo, but Allegri can certainly smile at what is seen on the pitch regarding Arthur and Kaio Jorge. The 2 Brazilians, veterans from injury, have moved well, and seem to be fully recovered from a physical point of view.

90 ‘+ 3 – CHIBOZO !! 2-1 JUVE !! The attacker stubborn to recover the ball on Mantovani, shot and lob to mock the Alexandria goalkeeper.

90 ‘+ 1 – Armor !! Goal from Alexandria: on the development of a corner, a header that finds Corazza in the small area, shot on the fly for Pinsoglio. 1-1 !!

88′- Pellegrini in the middle for Chibozo, ball deflected for a corner by the Alexandrian defense.

85′- Foul in attack whistled to Hasa, fades a good scoring opportunity for Juve.

84′- Long throw to look for the attackers from Alexandria, Pinsoglio goes out and walks away with his feet.

82′- Change for Juve: Savona takes the place of De Sciglio.

82′- Chiarello!! Nice attacking action from Alexandria, a platter that comes out on the side.

80′- 10 minutes plus recovery at the end of the match, Juve always ahead 1-0 over Alexandria.

77′- Cross by Di Gennaro, closed in a corner by Pellegrini.

76′- Palombi’s cross, Bonetti’s good closing.

73′- Head armor, but it’s offside: punishment for Juve.

71′- Turicchia !! Very insidious diagonal at the far post, ball out of the way very little.

71′- Good closing of Di Gennaro in a corner on De Sciglio.

69 & # 39; – Change in Alexandria: Casarini gives way to Speranza.

67′- The Brazilians Kaio Jorge and Arthur have come out: the 2 players seem to be from a physical point of view, and could be very useful to Allegri in view of the next matches.

66′- Chibozo also on the pitch in Juventus.

63′- Fiumanò, Turicchia, Hasa, Leo, Ledonne, Bonetti enter the field in Juventus.

62′- Change in Alexandria: Marconi leaves, Corazza enters.

60′- Maressa!! Juve close to 2-0 with the young midfielder, who kicks on the fly after the goalkeeper’s rejection on a Rugani header: very little ball on the bottom, it would have been a brace for the 2004 class.

59′- Very good Akè to overtake Pierozzi, who puts him down: punishment for Juve.

55′- Fairly fast pace in this start of recovery.

53′ – Pain !! Shot returned at the end of a good Juventus action.

52′- Palombi!! Conclusion walled by Rugani. Alexandria trying to push.

49′- Arrighini !! Headed to the bottom, but it was difficult to do better on a very strong cross.

48′- Great personal action by Soulè, but the cross for Kaio Jorge is contained by the opponent’s defense.

47′- Several changes, however, in Alexandria, which has almost completely revolutionized its initial 11.

12:06 – We start again !!

12:04 – Teams on the pitch for the start of the second half. In Juve there is Pinsoglio on the pitch instead of Perin.

45 ‘+ 2 – The first half ends. Maressa’s goal decided at the moment the friendly match between Juventus and Alessandria, 1-0 for the bianconeri at half-time.

45′- Mustacchio offside, punishment for Juve.

43′- Last minutes of the first half, it will hardly be granted recovery by the referee.

40 ‘- GOAL OF JUVE !! MARESSA !! Practically impregnable first intention shot for Pisseri, ball that bags almost at the intersection. 1-0 !!

39′- Akè !! Insistent action with several feints, then the diagonal is deflected for a corner by the Alexandrian defense.

38′- He goes to kick Kaio Jorge, but he only finds the barrier.

38′- Akè again to earn another excellent punishment.

37 ‘- Pilgrims !! The outside kicks it well, Pisseri puts it in a corner.

36′- Akè guagana an interesting free-kick from the edge for Juve.

34′- Sour !! Look for the goal to Del Piero the Argentine, very little ball to the side. Great technical gesture of the black and white.

31′- Scrum inside the Juve area after a corner, at the end Stramaccioni unravels it.

30′ – Half an hour of play remains 0-0 between Juventus and Alessandria at the moment.

29′- De Sciglio !! Left from the edge after an exchange with Arthur, the ball comes out weakly on the bottom.

28 ‘- Pilgrims again !! Botta on the far post from close range deflected for a corner by an opposing defender.

26′- Pellegrini’s cross, puts Benedetti out of the way.

23′- Pilgrims !! Throw-cross diagonally to forget, ball to the side.

21′- Orlando pinched offside, free kick for Juve.

19′- A few problems for Akè, on the ground after a hard intervention by an opponent: nothing serious for the Juventus striker, who resumes playing.

17′- Soulè earns a corner, good job of the Argentine.

16′- Alessandria who now plays with a certain continuity in the Juve half of the field.

15′- We arrived at the first quarter of an hour of the match, always 0-0 between Juve and Alessandria.

13′- Plisseri complicates his life on a back pass, and gives Juve a corner.

10- Rugani !! Header on the development of the corner, ball to the side.

9′- Kaio Jorge!! Conclusion from the limit to go down, Plisseri raises for a corner.

7′- Nice ball inside Akè, good Mustacchio to sweep the Alessandria area.

5′- Pain !! Left at the far post, ball just out.

4′- Good high pressing of Alexandria, Juve in difficulty in developing the maneuver.

2′- Juve ball possession in these early stages of the match.

11:05 – The match begins !!

11:02- Teams on the pitch for the start of the match.

10:30 – The official line-up of Juventus:

Juventus (4-3-3): Perin, De Sciglio, Stramaccioni, Pellegrini, Rugani, Arthur, Zuelli, Maressa, Akè, Soulè, Kaio Jorge. Coach: Cheerful.

10:00 – With so many players engaged with their respective national teams, Allegri, in this friendly, will have the opportunity to give minutes to those who have played less in this first phase of the season, as well as evaluate the progress made by those players who have been stopped for a long time due to injury. , like Arthur and Kaio Jorge. Above all, the midfielder could prove to be a “new purchase” for the Tuscan coach.

09:50 – Friends of, good morning and welcome to the direct text of the friendly match between Juventus and Alessandria, a club that plays in Serie B.

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