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“Today football is different, go where you can make more money. Twenty-five years in the same team are not insignificant” » – ​​All News, News, Insights Live on As Roma

THE GUARDIAN – Francesco Totti returns to speak. The former Roma captain, in fact, gave an interview to the British newspaper. These are his words:

The city of Rome?

“The city where you are born is always the most beautiful, it is natural for everyone. But for me Rome is really the most beautiful city in the world”.

Is football today different than in the past?

“I started playing at different times, in a different football, made of passion and affection for the fans. Playing in the team that I have always supported? It was easier for me to make this choice. Twenty-five years in the same team are not of little consequence: to become captain, to become one of the most important players, you must always be up to it. Making a comparison between my times and those of today is difficult. Today there is more business. Go where you can make more money “.

On the Scudetto with Roma …

“Obviously the World Cup is the pinnacle of any career for a footballer, but this is more the case for those who win every year than for those who almost never win. For us the best thing is the Scudetto, and my regret is not to have won at least a second “.

The refusal to Milan?

It was the only club where I fantasized about playing. But the decisions have always been made by me, with my own head. Even if your family then gives you advice. But in the end I was so young, I knew I had time. With Real Madrid there were a few days when I was with one foot here and one foot there, but the choice to stay in Rome was made with my heart. In those moments, when you feel this way, you can’t go away. Real Madrid is the other club I could have played for, an experience in another country could have been something good for me and my family. But when you make a choice with your heart it is never the wrong one. There is a destiny written for everyone but you have to go out and claim it “.


“You never want to stop. Honestly, I didn’t take it well at the beginning, but slowly I reasoned that maybe, after all, it was the right thing ”.

On the new scouting activity ...

“The main goal now is to look for young promises. Certainly with determination and sacrifice all objectives are achieved. But to be a talent you must necessarily have it inside you ”.


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