Milan, vandalism in the Ortica district: the windows of the Anpi and Pd clubs were stoned

Milan, vandalism in the Ortica district: the windows of the Anpi and Pd clubs were stoned
Milan, vandalism in the Ortica district: the windows of the Anpi and Pd clubs were stoned

Shattered showcases e scattered shards on the side of the road. This is the result of the night raid with which in Milan a group of vandals targeted the building in via Faustino 5 – Ortica district – where theNational association of partisans of Italy, the Democratic party and the National Association of former deportees to Nazi camps, as well as the Cultural Circle and the Orme Memoria social promotion organization. The perpetrators are still unknown, on which the organizations concerned are asking for an investigation to be opened.

According to the first reconstructions, the showcases of the local club have been repeatedly stoned in the night between Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October. “The serious vandal and provocative act aimed at targeting the associations that with their initiatives contribute to making the Ortica district alive and important arouses deep concern in us and constitutes one disrespect to history and democratic values and anti-fascists of our city ”, commented the president of the provincial Anpi of Milan Roberto Cenati. Who continued: “We ask the competent authorities to intervene to identify those responsible for this ignoble act”.

Some members of the Democratic Party also echo him, starting with the metropolitan secretary of Milan Silvia Roggiani. “There are no words compared to a cowardly gesture, which arouses in us only indignation and profound bitterness. We do not know if behind these actions there is simple vandalism, the result of a stunt, or something more. What is certain is that small realities of the territory are being hit, places of aggregation open to all, for which even a broken window is the cause of serious economic damage “, he added, renewing the hope that” the culprits will be identified at sooner”. “We are sure that such actions will not stop the desire and commitment to keep associative realities alive”, concluded Roggiani. “This episode will not stop the passion of women and men united by the values ​​of anti-fascism and respect for democracy”, the senator of the Democratic Party wrote on Twitter. Eugenio Comincini. On the subject also the deputy mayor of Milan, Anna Scavuzzo: “A gesture of cowards who in the night thought they could intimidate, offend, scare. It is not and never will be. Everything is already under the attention of the Police Headquarters, with the necessary complaints “, he wrote on his Facebook page, explaining that” the signal I want to give now is that the commitment of the many people active for this beautiful neighborhood in these associations will go on, stronger if possible “.


Milan vandalism Ortica district windows Anpi clubs stoned

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