“With me there is no place for those nostalgic for fascism. The left has always used them as useful idiots »- Corriere.it

“With me there is no place for those nostalgic for fascism. The left has always used them as useful idiots »- Corriere.it
“With me there is no place for those nostalgic for fascism. The left has always used them as useful idiots »- Corriere.it
from Paola Di Caro

The leader of FdI: we have no ambiguity, I do not accept lessons from the Democratic Party

In the DNA of Fratelli d’Italia there are no fascist, racist, anti-Semitic nostalgia. There is no place for any of this. In our DNA there is the rejection for every regime, past, present and future. And there is nothing in my life, like in the history of the right that I represent, that I should be ashamed of or apologize for. Nor to whom come to terms with one’s past, unlike us, he has never done them and does not have the dignity to teach me lessons.

Giorgia Meloni a river in flood. She feels herself at the center of maneuvers to discredit her and her movement: The “black danger”, coincidentally, always comes close to an electoral campaign …. But she knows very well that the investigation of Fanpage, relaunched by A clean sweep on La7, you cannot replicate a plot with only an acquittal, because the images of members of his party who attend circles of the far right, who use symbols, language, fascist slogans, racist, anti-Semitic, even para-Nazis are too heavy a burden for those who aspire to govern: The angriest is me. I who have always said “no one dares to play on certain things”, who have removed ambiguous subjects, asked my managers for the utmost severity on every folkloristic and imbecile representation, even with ad hoc circulars. Why we don’t need nostalgics for fascism: I am alone useful idiots of the left, which uses them to mobilize its electorate. He wondered why while we marginalize these people, the left values ​​it, giving it a weight it never had? .

Don’t say you are the victims?
I say two things: imagine that the Brothers of Italy could be influenced or worse manipulated by far-right groups, ridiculous and false. And I say that these campaigns are used to raise nostalgic young people, ignorant of history, fascinated by the forbidden and the folklore of a fascism that they have not even experienced, unlike those who have lived through the war and bears its wounds. Well, these people are a weapon for our enemies, because they become their tools to attack us.

Get them out then.

We have always done this, starting with Jonghi Lavarini. And before us, the National Alliance and even the MSI did it, we will do it even more. I want to break the spiral, also by providing a permanent body in the party that takes immediate action against those who play, voluntarily or out of ignorance, against us.

They reproach her for not having been so clear up to now, at least not as much as Fini with his fascism was part of the absolute evil.

But why do they think I was then? I was in An, like a good part of the FdI ruling class. The Italian right has already done its exams for a long time. Going back would be unforgivable and stupid.

The suspicion of the step backwards certain images legitimize it.

When we founded FdI we did it to look ahead, as always in our life. This bothers you. We wanted to give back a home to the Italian right and enlarge it. It is no coincidence that one of the founders is Crosetto. Excluding some marginal idiot – who is present in all parties, even on the left, where they are not with a magnifying glass to study every frame as they do with us – what sense do the accusations of fascism have to us? It was a regime and we are fighting the regimes of yesterday and today. We only and always fight for freedom, for the centrality of Parliament, so that the Italians can express themselves by voting, so that the people count. that’s why we’re uncomfortable, that’s why we’re monsters.

Why was Fini acknowledged that he had overtaken the post-fascist right and not to you? Don’t you have to ask yourself?

Look, let’s be serious. When Fini wrote Fiuggi’s theses, the left did not stop saying that he was a fascist. They stopped when he tried to overthrow the Berlusconi government. You stop being a monster, a fascist, when you become one of them, you ape them, and nobody votes you anymore. If they make a reason: I fight this left, I will never be one of them. I am proudly an alternative to them.

Don’t you think there is still an ambiguity in your party that will attract even those you assure you don’t want to?

Even if it happens it would mean that those people have changed their minds, because no one can seriously pretend not to have understood our positions. But I insist, what exactly is the question? If I would restore a regime? No, of course, and I would like to point out that those who accuse us of this are saying, at the same time, that Draghi is right not to give a damn about Parliament. Do you think I could write racial laws? The ugliest page in humanity, so definitely not. We stand alongside Israel unlike many others. But the truth is that when it speaks of fascism, the left means everything and its opposite, from the risk of a regime to those who demonstrate against the green pass. Basically, you are a fascist simply because you are not one of them. Too comfortable. We have voted with conviction, in the European Parliament, a motion condemning all the totalitarianisms of the twentieth century. The only party that had problems voting for it was the Italian Democratic Party, so as not to have to condemn Stalin and the Soviet dictatorship as well. Well, from a left that has not made its accounts with the past unlike us, I do not have a blood test.

Putting fascism and communism on the same level is not part of your problem?

The condemnation of communism and fascism, without distinction, is the very basis of the resolution of the European Parliament, for a shared memory on which to found a future of peace. FdI voted it together with Pse, Ppe, Conservatives. The anomaly is not we who condemn all totalitarianisms, but the Italian left which would like to condemn only a few.

But the Republic founded on the repudiation of fascism and you do not celebrate April 25th.

We are very far from fascism, but history is one thing, the militant anti-fascism of “killing a non-crime fascist”, street violence, attacks on the police, those who smear monuments in the name of cancel culture, of those who praise the Foibe, of the Anpi made by people born 30 years after the Resistance and who are asking for the dissolution of FdI. This political battle, not history.

To really close a chapter, could you not give up on evocative nominations like that of Rachele Mussolini?

And why? a very well prepared, competent, outgoing councilor who was re-elected because she did well and does not discriminate against her for the name she bears. And then how strange, Alessandra Mussolini who supports the Zan bill very good, Rachele who is a monster with us. Too hypocritical, too easy.

And its ruling class? Fidanza, people making the Roman salute ..
The fault of Fidanza has attended a person like Jonghi Lavarini who has nothing to do with us for reasons of electoral campaign. A very serious mistake, in fact now suspended. Then we will see what will come out of an investigation that is sometimes surreal as seen in the last episode where, once the alleged money has been handed over, the journalists do not bother to know who it is taken from. But how, do you instigate yourself to commit an offense and then you don’t go all the way? Strange isn’t it?

The theme remains: are you up to those who aspire to lead the center-right?

Not the mainstream to decide, but the Italians. If we were so unpresentable we would not be the first party in Italy. We are so because we do not look back but forward, to the real problems of Italians, taxes, housing, work, poverty. We are because in the area we have capable people, leading the Marche, Abruzzo, L’Aquila, Ascoli, Pordenone, Italian models. Precisely because the magnifying glass is used with me, I would never have been able to afford a modest ruling class.

How much will this affair weigh in the balance of the center-right?

I think zero. The left now says you need a federator like Berlusconi, but when he was very strong he called him mafia. Salvini was a kidnapper of immigrants, today I am portrayed as a dangerous fascist. From time to time you always hit who seems stronger, perhaps using who is weaker at that moment. And Salvini and Berlusconi know how instrumental these attacks are, because they have experienced them on their own skin. a game that is too open. We don’t fall for it.

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