big update or expansion coming? –

big update or expansion coming? –
big update or expansion coming? –

Returnal may soon receive a big update with more additional content, or perhaps some sort of expansion, considering a notable one was recently taken over size variation as for the beta version of the game, not available to users.

The Twitter account that specializes in scouring the PlayStation Store database, aka PlayStation Game Size, recently reported that data on the beta version for the developers of Returnal shows a 6 GB increment compared to the standard size of the game in the version currently distributed to players.

This is a substantial increase in volume, which at the moment has no precise explanation. Considering the game has been available for several months now, such a major change in file package size could mean adding something new, more than just a fix.

The idea is that it could be a large update currently distributed to developers but not yet to users, to whom it will be sent in the next period anyway. 6GB more could mean a fair amount of additional content, perhaps some kind of expansion for Returnal, which may have reached the right maturity to receive it, six months after its release.

Many are perhaps still waiting for the implementation of a rescue system different, which can allow you to stop the game more easily during the gameplay loops and this rumor about the big update rekindles hopes, even if Housemarque has always seemed rather doubtful about introducing such a thing. We will therefore see: in the meantime, as is now known, Housemarque has become an integral part of PlayStation Studios.


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