Poland traces a new path for sovereignists

Poland traces a new path for sovereignists
Poland traces a new path for sovereignists

Given Brexit, no one wants to go out anymore. The new battle is the exit from the rules of the European Union. The difference with the court in Karlsruhe, Germany

Brussels. Confronted with the disasters of Brexit in the UK, acknowledging that the continent’s voters do not want to leave the European Union or the euro zone, the left and right sovereign brigades have found a new battle and a new hero. The battle is that of the primacy of national law over European law: national constitutions and courts must prevail over the treaties and the Court of Justice of the EU, thus reversing the hierarchy of the sources of law that has allowed the construction of the community to stand up and thrive. The hero is the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, which has declared two articles of the treaty unconstitutional in a tug-of-war with the EU Court of Justice, which has ordered to set aside several reforms of the nationalist government of Warsaw that violate the independence of justice . “It is time to return to French law its primacy over European law”, Said yesterday Éric Zemmour, an old rearguard soldier of the sovereign brigades, who seems determined to move to the front line by running for presidential elections in France. It competes with Marine Le Pen who, if elected, promises to organize a referendum to “constitutionalize” the principle of French sovereignty over EU law.

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Poland traces path sovereignists

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