worth 1 million euros

worth 1 million euros
worth 1 million euros

30 kilos of whale vomit discovered and recovered in Thailand. Their commercial value would amount to around 1 million euros. The sum would have been pocketed by a local fisherman who came into possession of the precious material, also called ambergris, used in the perfume industry.

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The discovery

Back from work, a local Thai fisherman, seeing a strange object in the waves on the beach of Niyom, in the province of Surat Thani, in the south of the country, decided to get closer and there, after the confirmation of the Prince of Songkla University who analyzed the substance, man has found his fortune.

L’ambergris, a solid waxy substance produced in the digestive tract of sperm whales, has in fact a very high value on the market and is mainly used in the industry linked to the production of perfumes. Narong Phetcharaj, this is the name of the fisherman, then entered the club of the super rich in the country.

The whale vomit

Regarded as a marine treasure, a real floating gold, whale vomit contains an odorless alcohol which, once extracted, is used to stabilize the smell in perfumes making it last longer. The whale during the digestion process vomits this substance which solidifies and floats on the surface of the ocean.

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worth million euros

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